Linnworks Introduces Retail Stock Forecasting Solution for Simple, Actionable Insights

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[Austin, TX, Sept. 29, 2022] — Linnworks, the world’s leading ecommerce automation platform, has announced the launch of its new Stock Forecasting product. This launch expands the Linnworks suite of products designed to connect modern retailers with their customers around the world in the effortless economy. Stock forecasting, also known as demand planning, ensures that businesses have enough product to fulfill customer orders while not tying up cash with unnecessary inventory.

When retailers and brands rely on manual processes, they can run into problems with timeliness and human error, which often leads to increased customer complaints. Key forecasting variables such as seasonality and lead time may be undocumented or incorrect. Most importantly, stock levels get out of sync with demand. Missing inventory leads to missed sales opportunities while overstocking leads to unnecessary spending.

“Stock forecasting is an essential practice for brands and retailers to capture every sale opportunity while maintaining the optimal inventory levels,” said Simon Curd, vice president of product at Linnworks. “For our customers, this enables them to make quick and accurate inventory decisions by leveraging their existing data, tools and processes.”

Retailers can use Linnworks new Stock Forecasting solution to accurately predict inventory levels and meet demand on a per-SKU basis. The tool uses historical data from orders and factors such as seasonality and demand trends to provide customers with a simple, actionable tool that improves decision-making. The Stock Forecasting solution also ensures that growing businesses can meet stock forecasting needs as they continue to scale. 

Customers can stay up to date with the latest Stock Forecasting product developments by viewing Linnworks live roadmap. Book a consultation to learn how Linnworks Stock Forecasting can help your business. 

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