Multiproduct Sellers

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Greater control. Endless opportunities.

Managing inventory for all your products across multiple sales channels doesn’t need to be complex.

Linnworks gives you real-time inventory updates, powerful automation capabilities to streamline all aspects of your commerce operation, and 100+ sales channels you can start selling on in just a few clicks.

Your centralized commerce HQ

Say goodbye to the chaos of operating multiple systems for your inventory and orders. Our all-inclusive platform functions as your hub for all critical tasks – monitoring stock levels, tracking sales, managing suppliers, and handling orders.

Simplified inventory management

As your business grows and your product range diversifies, maintaining accurate inventory updates can turn into a challenging task. Our real-time inventory sync feature ensures your data is always up-to-date across all sales channels. No more overstocking or understocking issues.

Boost efficiency, lower costs

For multi-product sellers, manual operations can inflate costs. With Linnworks’ user-friendly automation features, streamline your operations like never before. Automatically designate shipping services, apply tags, and direct orders to their appropriate destinations. Shift towards smart, cost-effective operations with Linnworks.


Keep your workflows clear and organized no matter how many product lines you have. Our system allows you to easily filter through products based on stock item categories, keeping your processes smooth and straightforward.


How Phillip Morris & Son doubled order volumes – without increasing staff

“The automation Linnworks enables has allowed the 175-year old retailer to double warehouse efficiency, and more besides. Previously, if we wanted to change the prices on a range of products it might take all day for people going through one by one. Now it’s a few seconds work.”


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