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See a surge in productivity with streamlined process

Juggling multiple systems for your commerce operation is like trying to fix a television with a hammer: ineffective, yes. But also highly stressful.

We’ve got a better solution.

With Linnworks, you can sync accurate, reliable inventory and order data in real-time, create streamlined processes that work for you, all while protecting your cash flow and boosting your bottom line.

Your consumer electronics commerce HQ

Forget about the struggle of managing inventory and orders through multiple systems. Linnworks puts everything your consumer electronics business needs at your fingertips – tracking stock levels, overseeing sales, managing suppliers, and handling a flood of orders. Turn up the dial on your productivity and let your business rocket to new heights.

Sync your inventory in real time

Overstocks, stockouts, and dissatisfied customers due to inconsistent inventory data? Not on our watch. Our real-time inventory sync feature ensures up-to-the-minute accuracy across all your sales channels. Wave goodbye to inventory mix-ups and welcome a new era of customer satisfaction.

Workflows that work for you

Wave goodbye to the snail-paced inventory management chores stunting your business growth. With our powerful automation capabilities, your operation will hit warp speed in no time. Time to buckle up, streamline your workflows, put processes in the fast lane, and rocket your consumer electronics business to new heights of success.

Advanced serialization

Sick of warranty woes? Give your customers peace of mind by assigning unique serial numbers to your products for warranties and guarantees. Ensure every item is tracked so that warranties and guarantees can be easily managed.


How Chrome Battery reduced shipping costs and increased sales by 22%

“We are doing better with quality control, accountability, and SkuVault Core has improved our ordering skills to where we hardly run out of stock.

We saved over $225,000 in shipping costs alone: that is pure profit. At the same time, our sales increased by 22% just by having control of our inventory.”

– Dale Petruzzi, CEO, Chrome Battery