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More control. Way more efficiency.

Health and wellness trends can change overnight. Linnworks connects your commerce operation to make managing these fluctuations easier than ever.

Experience real-time inventory tracking across all sales channels combined with powerful automation capabilities to make running your ecommerce business hassle-free.

Inventory tracking that WORKS

No more wrestling with multiple systems to manage inventory and orders. Our platform gets your business into better shape for growth – easily track stock levels, manage suppliers, and process orders faster. Turn the page to a more productive and stress-free operation of your health and wellness business.

Real-time inventory sync

Steer clear of overstocks, stockouts, and disappointed customers due to inaccurate inventory data. Our real-time inventory sync feature updates your inventory status across all sales channels, ensuring precision and consistency. Wave goodbye to inventory data errors for good.

Workflows that work for you

Don’t let complex inventory management workflows hamper your business growth. Our software puts your commerce operation on autopilot with powerful automation tools that save your team countless hours every day.

Intelligent batch and lot management

Want to reduce inventory waste? Our smart Batches and Lots feature tracks the expiry dates of products to make sure that your oldest inventory items get shipped out first using FIFO and FEFO methods


How Buy Wholefoods Online transformed their warehouse management operations

“From seeing stock figures and where you are from a monthly account point of view, if you’re doing a monthly count you have to have a solution like Linnworks. Retrieving this information would be a major struggle without Linnworks.

Linnworks has reduced manual tasks and saved on wages. Without Linnworks we’d have to employ more staff, which has an impact on our overall bottom line.”

– Arthur Martin, MD and co-founder of Buy Wholefoods Online