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SkuVault Core is for growing retailers that want to simplify their ecommerce operation by bringing inventory and warehouse management into one place.


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Why SkuVault Core?

Accurate inventory in one platform

A single source of truth across all your ecommerce channels.

Speed, simplicity and scale

Designed for low complexity and high velocity to make your warehouse more organized.

Fast-track pick, pack, & ship

Improve warehouse efficiency and reduce picking errors so your customers receive the right products on time, every time.

Organize products with ease

Create SKUs and define attributes for easy inventory locating, whether in one warehouse or across several.

Purchase orders

No more human errors when raising purchase orders. Keep the right items in stock at ideal quantities.

Quality control

Minimize costly shipping mistakes with our inbuilt quality control features, ensuring the right stock gets shipped to customers, faster.


Get a clear picture of what’s happening in your warehouse with easy-to-generate and customizable reports. Make better purchasing and forecasting decisions with accurate, easy to access data.

Data Coach

Delivering digital visibility across your physical warehouse. Watch for high-risk orders, view warehouse performance metrics for each worker, and more – from anywhere.

See SkuVault Core in action

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SkuVault Core (formerly SkuVault) is an inventory and warehouse management software that helps growing ecommerce businesses move from chaos to clarity with features like real-time inventory updates and advanced warehouse management capabilities that help reduce inventory out-of-stocks and improve warehouse efficiency.

SkuVault was acquired by Linnworks in August 2022 and is now being offered as part of the Linnworks family of brands, with two great solutions: SkuVault Core and SkuVault Enhanced Warehouse. You can check out our new website here.

For you, nothing changes. You’ll continue to enjoy the same trusted SkuVault product, support, and sales team.

SkuVault Core is for fast-growing ecommerce businesses that want to achieve faster fulfillment, greater inventory visibility, and happier customers. It’s most suitable for businesses that fulfill from more one or more regional warehouses.

Pricing depends on many factors including how many orders you’re fulfilling each month, custom requirements, and additional modules. Our pricing is entirely flexible around your business requirements. To learn more about pricing, visit our pricing page.