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Managing multiple sales channels. Juggling stock between warehouses. Nurturing your relationship with another account manager.

Aren’t you tired of the juggling act? Ecommerce isn’t a circus.

With Linnworks, experience real-time inventory updates and powerful automation capabilities that streamline all aspects of your commerce operation, no matter where you’re selling.

Sync inventory in real-time

Manually updating inventory across multiple sales channels is not only tedious but prone to errors, costing you sales. With Linnworks, as orders come in from your connected sales channels, your inventory is automatically updated. Ensure accuracy, save time, and maintain a real-time view of all stock levels.

Save hours every day

Manual operations are pouring money down the drain. Time to plug that leak. With Linnworks’ best-in-class automation capabilities, you’re not just saving time – you’re investing in efficiency. From automating orders to suppliers when stocks are low to assigning preferred carriers to your orders, we’ve got you covered.

Fulfill orders faster and smarter

Navigating multiple carriers to fulfill orders? Linnworks streamlines it all. Seamlessly integrate with carriers from ShipStation to FedEx, and even 3PLs like ShipBob and Ruby Has. Compare quotes in a snap, ensuring efficient and cost-effective shipping.

Enjoy a seamless, post-purchase experience

Shipping orders is half the battle. Track order statuses across all shipping and fulfillment channels so you can keep customers in the loop every step of the way. Need to cancel an order or process a return? No problem, we make that easy too.


How Goldstar Leisure scaled their business using Linnworks’ powerful automation capabilities

“If we didn’t have Linnworks, we’d have to employ at least 8 extra people. To do what Linnworks does on a daily basis with channel management, order management, stock forecasting and being all in one platform is invaluable.”

– Anthony Rowe, Managing Director, Goldstar Leisure


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