Enhanced Warehouse

Enhanced warehouse features for retailers

Got the basics covered? Our enhanced warehouse add-on lets you tailor the platform to complement your offline operations. It’s not just about coping with growth, it’s about accelerating it.

Boost your average order value by packaging items together with the ‘kits’ feature.

Streamline your warehouse operations and save time with the efficient ‘wavepicking’ process.

Minimize wastage and optimize usage with the ‘lots’ feature, prioritizing inventory based on expiry or receipt date.

Unlock a new revenue stream by leveraging our advanced inventory management for 3PL services.


Easily create kits, multi-packs, and assembled products for a better bottom line and happier customers.


Organize your inventory efficiently with our Lots feature, prioritizing stock based on expiry date or warehouse arrival date, ideal for FIFO and FEFO pick methods.


Offer your customers peace of mind by assigning unique serial numbers to your products for warranties and guarantees.


Cater to your 3PL clients with speed and ease using our advanced inventory management and warehouse features for quicker pick, pack, and ship processes. Includes a client portal for your 3PL clients to see real-time inventory updates.

Wave picking

Make order picking a breeze by grouping them into convenient batches with our Wave Picking feature.

Expanded integrations

Add Enhanced Warehouse to access integrations including Channel Advisor, Lightspeed, Quickbooks Desktop, Shopify POS and more.


Enhanced Warehouse is available as an add-on. Visit the pricing page for more information.

Yes. An item can be a part of multiple bundles, or “Kits” as they are called in the SkuVault product.

We look at how much stock there is on the “child items” and how many items make up the composite parent.

So let’s say we have a SKU: DollSet

It consists of two items:

Doll 1 – 2 units
Doll 2 – 1 unit

Meaning that in order to assemble one Doll Set, we need to have 2 units of Doll 1 and 1 unit of Doll 2.

So if you have 10 units of Doll 1, and 3 units of Doll 2, overall, you can assemble only 3 Doll Sets.

You can select either method. Printed pick lists can be fully customized to your needs. Wavepicking allows for paperless picking, as well.

Lots are typically pulled from inventory in a specific order by FIFO (First In, First Out), FEFO (First Expiration, First out), or LIFO (Last In, First Out). With SkuVault’s Lots/batch functionality you can select your method of priority removal. You can also track Transactions against Lots, Sales associated with specific Lots, and multiple SKUs per Lot.

The SkuVault product allows you to choose between FEFO (First expiration, First out), LIFO (Last in, first out) and FIFO (First In, First Out) logic based on what works best for your business.

The batch, or lot, can get created multiple ways. You can create manually, via import, or via API.