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More transparency. Greater accuracy.

Juggling spreadsheets, fending off late-night emails and struggling to provide clients with real-time visibility of their inventory? We know how tough it can be.

SkuVault Enhanced Warehouse makes it easy.

Experience the ease of real-time inventory tracking, advanced reporting, and industry-best picking and quality control tools.

Real-time inventory visibility

Say goodbye to endless stock-related queries from clients and the constant back and forth with clients over stock levels. The Business Hub client portal gives your clients instant access to their entire inventory. They can effortlessly track stock levels and monitor inbound shipment quantities – all in one place, all in real-time.

Streamlined client management

Frustrated with the time-consuming task of distinguishing between product items owned by different sellers? SkuVault Enhanced Warehouse makes your operation seamless with Client Identifiers. Easily filter through product items based on their ownership, eliminating confusion and ensuring each item gets to the right seller.

Advanced reporting

Bogged down by time-consuming billing processes? Effortlessly generate and share comprehensive reports on transactions, current stock, pick history, and locations with SkuVault Enhanced Warehouse. Moreover, our precise data on orders, transactions, and audits ensures the accuracy of every bill you issue.

Built-in quality control

High picking error rates harm your reputation and eat into profits. SkuVault Enhanced Warehouse’s Quality Control and scanning features, along with paperless picking, enable 3PLs to significantly decrease errors during order fulfillment. Enhance order accuracy, minimize picking mistakes, and bolster trust in your services with our integrated quality control tools.


How Marknology gives clients total inventory visibility in real-time

“With the 3PL Business Hub where they can view the inventory… that’s the biggest plus that you offer is that. So it’s not back and forth like, “Hey, what do you have at your warehouse?” Or “Hey, what does it count for this?”

It eliminates all those back and forth emails because I’ve definitely had clients that hate reaching out every time to ask for an inventory update. The ease of being able to log in anywhere and see the numbers helps out a lot.”


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