Reporting & Insights

KPIs that matter

Get the 360-degree insights you need to make decisions that propel your business forward. See what’s happening today, plan for tomorrow and strategize for growth.

See your ecommerce performance in real time, keeping you in the loop as the action unfolds.

Tailor your reports and easily share vital info with stakeholders, keeping everyone in the loop.

Stay on top of key performance summaries, from sales volume to refunds, purchasing and stock value, keeping all important metrics at your fingertips.

Become a data-driven decision maker, armed with insights that guide your next big move.

Track performance across sales channels

With our intuitive dashboards, gain insights into key sales and financial metrics across multiple selling channels and specific SKUs. Enjoy real-time visibility into stock levels, inventory, and order management, complemented by detailed summaries of sales volume, refunds, purchasing, and stock value.

Custom reporting

Dive deep into key metrics, analyzing stock history over time, understanding performance by date, or assessing channels by fulfillment partner. With data from the Linnworks platform, craft custom reports that compare all facets of the multichannel selling journey.

Dashboards that make it easy

Overlay data across multiple time periods, configure reports to show what you’re most interested in, or download the data for a defined date range to share with your wider team.


Not at this time. However we are always looking to upgrade and improve our platform performance so this may be something we look at if there is enough demand.

Yes. You can either export the info from Data Export:!documentation/export-types

The advantage of this is that you can schedule for the reports to be sent to your FTP server or Dropbox.

Or use Query Data reports where you can download the CSV files.

Yes. We even have a section called “Dashboard”. We have various dashboards and reports that customers can use.

Yes, we have a Replenishment Report which has multiple options to help you forecast your suggested order quantities and timing.