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More visibility. Greater control.

Never lose sight of what’s in stock again.

Linnworks connected commerce system means you’ll never miss a beat. From managing inventory and orders in one place to streamlining critical processes like shipping and fulfillment, it’s never been this easy to be in control of your business.

Simplify your commerce operations

Forget about managing multiple systems for your inventory and orders. Our comprehensive platform is your one-stop-shop for everything you need – tracking stock levels, sales, suppliers, and orders.

Real-time inventory sync

Don’t let inaccurate inventory data lead to overstocks, stockouts, or unhappy customers. Our real-time inventory sync feature ensures your data stays accurate and up-to-date across all sales channels.

Process orders faster

Tired of complex inventory management workflows slowing down your progress? Our software paves the way for you to speed up everything by putting time-consuming tasks on autopilot.

Stress-free product bundling

Homegoods buyers like to purchase items together. Especially things like holiday sets. With our Kits and Bundling feature, you can sell products as bundles to make the shopping experience better for your customers, and easier for your pickers.


Learn how Linnworks automation delivered multichannel sales growth for Direct Plants

“Providing a fast and efficient service is critical for a perishable item such as outdoor plants, and…[the] ability to quickly update SKUs to reflect changes in our inventory and accurately syncing inventory levels across our selling channels means I don’t have to worry about overselling or underselling.”