Order Management

Your headquarters

Sync orders from 70+ marketplaces in real-time and manage them from a single, centralized dashboard.

Put tedious, manual tasks on autopilot and save tons of time.

Watch your orders flow smoother with smart pick, pack and dispatch functionality.

Shape workflows around your business processes, however you need to.

A one-stop-shop for all your order needs.

Keep your customers smiling with lightning-fast order fulfillment.

See the big picture

Find out what’s selling and what’s not with a clear view of your order volumes within any period of time, how many you’re dispatching and which channels are selling most.

Ship from the right batch, every time

Automatically allocate orders to the batches that need to go out first, without a second glance.

Order processing made easy

Create, edit and cancel any order from the same page, in seconds.

Customize order views

Easily sort and filter orders based on sales date, order value, shipping provider, channel source or any other criteria you want. 

Make automation work for you

Experience a smoother, more efficient order management process with Linnworks’ powerful Rules Engine. You can:

  • Easily attach tags to your orders, making identification straightforward and quick.
  • Improve warehouse efficiency by setting up custom order assignment rules.
  • Decide how your orders are packed based on predefined criteria to ensure the best fit.
  • Automate the process of assigning preferred carriers to your orders, speeding up your fulfillment process.


Yes. So you can either assign orders to a FC by defining the “Order Download Location” from settings => Channel Integration => Location mapping.

Or use the Rules Engine to assign orders to a FC.

The order will automatically get split into multiple orders.

Absolutely. Many of our customers save hours every day by automating key processes like assigning orders, channel listings, purchase orders, and more. It means that businesses can continue to scale without having to hire extra staff.

Order Management is only included in the Linnworks product.