Fruugo is a highly diversified global online marketplace currently helping over 3,000 online retailers sell products to 7 million shoppers a year in 42 countries, 31 currencies and 28 languages.




Channel Management

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Reasons to adopt

Sell across multiple categories

A great fit for retailers across most industries, with product categories ranging from fashion to home & garden, right through to health & beauty and consumer electronics

Reliable integration

Fruugo channel integration is a Linnworks Direct integration – developed, maintained, and supported by Linnworks. Connect to your Fruugo seller account via API

Guaranteed exposure

97% of Fruugo’s traffic is generated through paid search, all paid for by Fruugo, which means there aren’t any additional advertising costs for you to promote the products you list with them

Linnworks Features

In addition to the benefits of expanding your market reach to Fruugo’s customers, the Fruugo integration provides great functionality to ensure selling goes smoothly with Linnworks.

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