A collection of product updates from Q1 and a look ahead at our roadmap

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Linnworks connects and automates ecommerce operations, powering businesses to sell wherever their customers are and capture every revenue opportunity.

In 2022, we launched 11 new channel integrations, introduced two new products (stock forecasting and warehouse management) and optimized lots of existing functionality to support our customers’ growth. 

Below, you’ll find a list of what we’re launched so far this year, working on currently and a quick recap of releases from 2022.

Released in Q1, 2023


Live in the app store: Klaviyo.

With this application, you can sync orders and the associated customer details from Linnworks to Klaviyo to use this information in targeted email and SMS messaging.

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New: Amazon Vendor Central and Direct Fulfillment.

The Amazon Vendor channel integration allows you to connect to your Amazon Vendor seller account via API. With this integration, you can accept/ decline Amazon purchase orders via the Retail Procurement feature as well as fulfill Amazon direct fulfillment orders via the Direct Fulfillment feature.

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Warehouse Management

NOW LIVE: Pickwaves for warehouse transfers & FBA

Customers can now create pickwaves from the warehouse transfer screen or the FBA inbound screen and then complete them from Linnworks’ mobile – saving time and making your warehouse operations more efficient. 

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Inventory Management 

We fully released two new updates to help you become more efficient when managing your inventory: Update FBA Shipments and Prepare FBA shipments

Watch demos and find out more about Prepare Prepare FBA Shipments and Update FBA Shipments


As of March 2022, we are officially FedEx certified. This means US and Canadian customers can onboard and use a direct FedEx integration from within Linnworks and save costs on 3PL fees.

Launches coming soon: 


Easily access the insights you need to help design your overall strategy. After launching five new dashboards in beta last year, we are fully releasing them to all eligible customers. Customers will be able to see what’s happening today, plan for tomorrow and strategize for growth months and years into the future.

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Stock Forecasting

In 2022, we launched a new product in Linnworks, stock forecasting, enabling customers to accurately predict future demand and help ensure stockouts and overstocks are a thing of the past. We are continuing to develop the stock forecasting product and will be introducing a new overview dashboard in beta in March, pictured below.

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Through Linnworks’ core integrations and app store, customers can expand their ecommerce operations. We have over 100 integrations with 3PLs, EDI solutions, customer marketing platforms, channel marketplaces and shipping connectors – and we’re always adding more.

See what’s new:

In open beta: Tiktok, Katana, Wayfair

In closed beta: Quickbooks.

Order Management 

Next for order management, we will continue to develop two features currently in beta that help customers automate key day-to-day tasks. 

Fulfillment networks helps customers save time and reduce errors by automatically routing orders to the correct fulfillment locations based on stock availability.

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Action chains helps speed up order processing and avoid costly errors by configuring a set of sequenced actions that meet a specific criteria under a single button.

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Inventory Management 

Next on our roadmap for inventory management is adding location-specific suppliers, which improves operational efficiency by associating suppliers with warehouse locations.

This will be live in March.‍

Releases from 2022.

Inventory Management 

Purchase orders 

Last year, we launched purchase order returns, enabling the creation and tracking of returns in Linnworks. We also improved our purchase order exporting functionality, making it easier than ever to export via .csv a list of your purchase order products to send straight to your supplier.

Updates to FBA 

We introduced an FBA inventory dashboard where FBA sellers can see stock levels and their status (e.g., Sellable, Unsellable, In Transit, Reserved, etc.) to support well-informed restocking decisions. 

Reorder low stock

In July, we launched reorder low stock, which provides recommendations on what products need to be reordered, in what quantities and from what supplier, so you can quickly restock your inventory back to the minimum levels.

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Order Management 

Throughout 2022, we focused on improving workflows and adding automation tools to help you save time managing your orders.

We launched action chains to enable automation of everyday workflow tasks and decisions, so you can chain together multiple actions under a single button. We also improved our order exporting functionality and introduced hot buttons, giving you the ability to create buttons that perform tasks automatically and save time on manual tasks you complete regularly.

Stock Forecasting

In September, we launched a brand new product, stock forecasting, which helps customers accurately predict inventory levels to meet demand. Stock forecasting calculates future demand based on historical data from orders, factors in seasonality and demand trends provides customers with a simple, actionable tool that improves decision making.

How Graff City uses stock forecasting 

Warehouse Management

We also launched our own warehouse management solution within Linnworks, empowering customers to upgrade their warehouse processes. Since launching, we’re proud to be recognized as a high performer in the Warehouse Management software category for G2.

How Buy Wholefoods Online transformed and scaled warehouse management operations using Linnworks automation.


We launched 11 new integrations, some of which are currently in beta:

  • Quickbooks
  • TikTok
  • The Range
  • Virtualstock
  • Zalando
  • Gorgias
  • Cogsy
  • Payoneer
  • Michaels
  • OnBuy
  • True Commerce

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