Expand your fashion business and reach new customers with the Linnworks and Zalando channel integration.







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Reasons to adopt

Reach millions of fashion shoppers all over the world

Access 48 million active fashion and apparel consumers across 22 markets.

Zalando’s market presence

Zalando’s experience in customer acquisition, retention and penetration rate with 380 million website visits per month and 110 million app installs.

Zalando fulfillment solutions

Zalando will warehouse your products and act as your logistics solution for orders on the platform. Benefit from Zalando’s wealth of platform services to overcome challenges in your digital value chain.

Linnworks Features

  • Inventory Updates – Linnworks can automatically send changes in stock levels to the channel.
  • Order Download – Channel orders can be automatically downloaded into Linnworks.
  • Channel Tax – Linnworks downloads and saves order channel tax information and settings during order download.
  • Inventory Mapping – Channel listings can be linked to Linnworks inventory items for stock level and price updates.
  • Location Mapping – Orders can be downloaded and inventory updates sent from specific locations.
  • Order Cancellation – Orders can be canceled on the channel via Linnworks.
  • Order Dispatch – Orders on the channel can be marked as shipped and provided with the tracking number and shipping service name via Linnworks.
  • Payment Mapping – Channel payment methods can be linked to Linnworks payment methods for the orders in Linnworks to display methods based on the selection on the channel.
  • Price Change – Prices on channel listings can be automatically updated via Linnworks.
  • Shipping Mapping – Channel shipping methods can be linked to Linnworks postal services for the orders in Linnworks to display the services based on the selection on the channel.

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