3P Logistics: “Linnworks has proved a great fit on all counts”

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“The inclusion of the Linnworks platform into our standard operating spec has significantly increased automation and levels of efficiency. We needed to provide our clients with a cost effective and simple route to multichannel whilst ensuring our business remains scalable.”

Ian Walker, 3P Logistics Ltd, Managing Director

Company Overview.

3P Logistics Ltd are a leading provider of outsourced order fulfillment services to a wide range of national & international online retailers. The company provides the full range of ecommerce type services including storage, pick & pack, returns handling, inbound telesales, enquiries handling, web photography, listing support etc.

With service levels in excess of 99.7% right first time guaranteed, 3P Logistics continue to be the preferred choice for both small and large etailers alike.

Situation or Problem to Be Resolved.

3P Logistics operate multi-user eCommerce warehousing and needed to define a single way of working for all its clients. The company also needed to source ways of reducing the levels of manual input to increase both efficiency and accuracy.


Having extensively researched the multichannel market place we found the Linnworks Anywhere module to be the most simple and cost effective option. The key thereafter was to engrain the Linnworks platform into the everyday ways of working for both ourselves and our clients. The software is easily linked to our Warehouse Management System and our dispatch software (Metapack) ensuring seamless data transfer. With over 20+ of our client base already subscribed the benefits are there for all to see. All inbound goods are pre-advised using the PO system and with inventory synchronizing as little as every 10 minutes pretty much eliminates the chances of overselling.

In summarizing – our clients enjoy time back and sell more whilst 3P Logistics have a scalable business built on the foundations of efficiency, accuracy and value for money.

Going Forward With Linnworks.

As a dynamic business we are always seeking positive change. We will continue to listen to our clients as they interact daily with the Linnworks platform and we will feedback accordingly. One consideration would be to launch a web based version of Linnworks whilst hosting a Linnworks conference once per year may also prove beneficial.