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Each quarter, we host a product recap and roadmap update, which you can watch below. The update showcases some of the product features we’ve worked on over the past few months and a preview of what’s to come. 

Chris Gates, product manager at Linnworks, provides our latest update. Here’s a preview.  

New feature for order management system 

A new feature, Action chains, is currently being tested with a handful of users. 

Action chains allow merchants to automate everyday workflow tasks and decisions. You will be able to chain together multiple actions under a single button. Save time and reduce manual errors.


  • Print multiple documents and process orders with a single click.
  • Automatically skip orders that haven’t been paid, haven’t been printed, or are out of stock.

This saves a lot of time. It also saves a lot of money on printing mistakes because the Action Change feature lets you decide how to validate orders. For example, you can make sure to only print off a certain amount of labels if you have enough stock to fulfill them. 

Fulfillment Networks 

While the feature is still in progress, Fulfillment Networks are perfect for the ecommerce businesses that have many different options in how they fulfill orders across sales channels

Maybe you own a few warehouses and in addition use fulfillment services such as FBA or other independent fulfillment services. With Linnworks Fulfillment Networks, you can group these locations into a network then send all orders into that network.

Linnworks will then figure out, based on the inventory levels you have available, where those orders should be fulfilled. This is a whole additional level of inventory-based routing automation that you can put on top of your current Linnworks operation to make sure orders are being routed correctly, to the right locations. 

Fulfillment Networks are a priority for Q3 to be available for all customers as soon as possible. 

More warehouse management updates

Linnworks customers who use the warehouse management system (WMS) now have the ability to move stock accurately from one WMS location to another WMS location. In addition, inventory can be moved from one warehouse location that has WMS enabled to another location that does not have WMS. 

Pickwaves updates

We’ve expanded pickwaves so that you can now use pickwaves for large warehouse transfers. So if you’re conducting a warehouse transfer from one warehouse to another, you can use the pickwaves feature to pick stock off of shelves to box up and move to another warehouse location. 

Pickwaves is Linnworks digital picking solution when fulfilling orders, so you know where inventory is and how much stock to pick for orders. 

Inventory management updates 

New reorder low stock feature 

When you have items that have approached their set minimum level and you need to raise a new purchase order for those items, this feature makes that process easier. 

The new reorder stock feature groups products by the default supplier. 

The new FBA Stock Dashboard 

Users of Amazon FBA will have new information at their fingertips. With our partnership with Amazon, we’ll get you the status of your inventory when it’s in FBA. 

The new FBA stock dashboard shows the status of the items in FBA. You’ll be able to see out of everything you have sent to fulfillment with FBA warehouse, how much of the stock is currently still in transit, how much is unsellable or sellable, how much might be reserved and conditions on that, and opens up more information so you can see visibly inside Linnworks what is happening with FBA inventory. 


Insights Dashboard 

Linnworks has plenty of data about your business because the platform is connected to all your sales channels and fulfillment tools. So Linnworks knows the insights and information into how your business is performing. 

We can give you more of that information in a digestible format in the new Insights dashboard. You can use Insights to make strategic business decisions. 

This dashboard is currently being tested by a handful of users. It covers: 

  • Gross revenue over a specific time period
  • Net revenue 
  • Total orders over a specific time period
  • Average order revenue 
  • Top 5 channels by revenue 
  • Top 5 skus by revenue 

Stock forecasting improvements 

It is normally standard to be as efficient as possible and try to never order more than you need. However, with the disruption in supply chains, sellers are trying to be safer and make sure they have enough stock for enough days in case there is a massive disruption with the supply. You can now tell Linnworks that you do not just want the most efficient amount of stock, but that you want the stock you need plus two, three or four days of extra stock on hand.  

The improvement makes it easy to know you have enough inventory available to keep your customers happy. Find out more about our stock forecasting updates.

Sales channel integrations 

Amazon Blank Box 

Amazon offers Blank Box as part of their Multi-Channel Fulfillment service. Linnworks will add support for managing Blank Box and FBA inventory for visibility of inventory levels across the different services. This feature is currently being tested. 

FBA returns 

Linnworks now shows which FBA orders were returned, the return reason, and how much was refunded and for which items. 

Ebay Promoted Listings 

Create a campaign and add listings to that campaign and decide the percentage of the final sale you give to eBay to promote listing for you. Put your listing in front of more potential buyers and grow eBay sales as a result. You can do this all within the Linnworks platform.

This integration is currently in testing. 

Increase your sales and brand awareness by listing your products on one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world. 


Expand your reach as a seller on Michaels’ third-party marketplace with the Linnworks integration. 

Walmart Fulfillment Services 

Linnworks is now integrated with Walmart Fulfillment Services. 

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) offers end-to-end fulfillment services for third-party ecommerce sellers.

  • Automatically download and capture WFS orders.
  • Receive order status updates to existing WFS orders to reflect changes on Walmart.
  • Receive regular inventory level updates under the dedicated WFS location.
  • Orders that have been shipped by WFS will be automatically marked as processed.
  • Keep track of WMS products under the Walmart Mapping screen.
  • Automatically sync order cancellation.