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ByByGames, run by Fabio Marcaccini, is an online business selling video games, consoles and gaming accessories. Fabio formed ByByGames just over three years ago and found immediate progress selling his products online.

“I wanted to get involved with products that were easy to work with and that were a complete package, video games turned out to be the ideal product and online promotion was the most cost effective channel”

ByByGames continues to sell their products in the UK and internationally through the Ebay and Amazon marketplaces and also through their own website.

Time for change.

Order Management for Success

Fabio was finding great success from marketing and selling his products online. As his company’s online presence rapidly expanded into European markets, Fabio wanted to have better control over their stock and wanted to be able to increase their sales revenue.

We wanted a partner who could contribute to our success by providing a cost effective product and service:a company with a win-win business partnership attitude”

The success of ByByGames’ product range grew so rapidly, that an Order Management system would make a huge difference to the business. By giving them optimal information and control about their order and stock levels in one place, they’d be able to minimise overselling and increase the efficiency of their ordering.

LinnWorks helped us to manage stock more accurately and to operate with optimum working capital to increase my business”

Fabio was able to create more effective and direct listings for his Amazon international sites using LinnLive2, a complimentary web based listing tool that draws information from the Linnworks database.

I was able to create configurators that allowed me to create listings specific to each international site. I could instantaneously list on Amazon ESP, GER, FRA & ITA in bulk and have each configurator tailored to a specific price and description”

European Domination.


Currencies Direct

Fabio’s business was growing substantially in the European marketplace on Amazon and he wanted to address that the margins on the exchange rates were costing him significant portions of his profits. He was in the process of seeking out a company that would take control of his trading exchange finances to increase his revenue and enable him to expand further into Europe.

Amazon’s rate of exchange on converting Euro sales to GBP are consistently poor and we felt we had no control over them. Due to Amazon’s policy of disbursing funds every 2 weeks, I was losing up to 4% of the total amount in the exchange rate”

When Fabio came to LinnSystems seeking solutions to take control of his business, we referred him to one of our partners. Currencies Direct specialize in overseas money transfers and their foreign exchange specialists were able to address these issues by providing ByByGames with:

  1. An account in Europe which would enable him to collect and disburse Euros from all of his European sales in one place without automatically converting at an exchange rate outside of his control.
  2. An opportunity to forecast product sales price against his monthly Euro/GBP rate of exchange
  3. Financial tools and knowledge to offset and minimize currency risk
  4. An opportunity to be advised by a professional currency trader and an account manager and also have access to an online payment system if required

Currencies Direct enabled me to save money on my exchange conversions on sales made from Amazon Italy, Spain, France and Germany – they reduced costs by over 50% compared to Amazon. They were also able to lower the cost of payments if I needed to pay overseas suppliers. This meant that when I made sales, I made a better profit margin and kept more of the profit instead of paying it away to the online marketplaces or the bank”

If you are interested in saving money on your international payments, you can visit;

Customer Testimony.

ByByGames Ltd

Linnworks and Currencies Direct are both growing in the online retail services market at the moment. I hope that by working together more closely, they can help me to further increase sales and improve profitability. There are always requests and wishes that I have as a customer – to have more personal attention, to better understand how solution providers can help me grow my business and, of course to have the best value on these services. As a small business we feel valued by LinnSystems & Currencies Direct and find that all of the staff members are professional and provide a very good level of service.”

Fabio Marcaccini