Linnworks and Walmart launch drive to recruit UK sellers to US Marketplace

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US marketplace ecommerce sales are set to top $357 billion this year and $468 billion by 2024, according to research from eMarketer 

Despite the post-pandemic slowdown, US marketplace ecommerce sales are booming. By 2025 marketplaces will have caught up with direct ecommerce spending and will account for nearly half of all consumers’ purchases online. The time to invest in the global expansion of your online channels is now. 

As the world’s leading omnichannel retailer, Walmart has invested heavily in ecommerce and artificial intelligence (AI) innovation throughout the pandemic, and now has hugely ambitious plans for expansion into the UK, Europe and beyond.

Working alongside Linnworks and Payoneer, the US retail giant has begun a major push to bring UK exporters to its flagship US Walmart Marketplace, a well-established marketplace where a trusted community of third-party sellers serve a growing base of more than 120 million loyal US shoppers each month. 

The move to embrace UK exporters expands on decades of Walmart’s engagement with UK retailing and comes as the British government increases efforts to promote UK goods beyond the UK with its “Made in the UK, Sold to the World” campaign. 

“We are confident that UK sellers will be able to leverage Britain’s reputation for design and manufacturing excellence and product quality to thrive as Marketplace sellers and bring more choice to our US customers with speed and scale,” says Darren Carithers, senior vice president of Marketplace Development for Walmart International. 

“Meeting customers wherever they are choosing to shop online, with the right product at the right time is vital to success in business today,” says Linnworks CEO Callum Campbell. “Walmart Marketplace removes barriers for UK sellers by connecting them to high-demand shoppers and offering a straightforward fulfilment solution. 

“Linnworks is here to help sellers effortlessly integrate with Walmart Marketplace, so they can grow revenues, automate their processes, and unlock their business potential.”

Walmart hosts its UK Sellers Summit in London on June 17, 2022, with the support of Linnworks, the commerce automation platform that connects commerce everywhere, and Payoneer, the commerce technology company powering payments.