Grow your customers in the Nordics as Amazon Sweden opens for business

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For merchants looking to expand in Europe, Amazon Sweden has opened for business at, opening up a whole new customer base of keen Swedish online shoppers.

Amazon’s Sweden site will be the first time Amazon has launched in a Nordic country so will provide sellers with an opportunity to provide a localised shopping journey to Swedish customers used to shopping via Amazon Netherlands or Amazon Germany. International businesses that sell in multiple global markets will now be able to reach more customers in Sweden, while Swedish businesses will find a whole new marketplace of customers has opened up to them. 

Behind the scenes, Amazon Seller Central Sweden is live and will now be available in your Linnworks EU Seller account so you can start selling to Swedish customers right away. This will work the same as the rest of your Amazon European integrations in your Linnworks account so there’s no extra set up work to do.

Amazon Sweden

You’re ready to sell with Amazon’s marketplace tools.

Through Amazon’s integrated marketplace, you’ll have all the tools you need to provide Swedish consumers with competitive prices, a rich assortment of products, and fast delivery. Amazon has had huge success with localisations like this in the past. With dedicated marketplaces spanning all six major continents, the brand is able to scale up quickly to create local shopping experiences for buyers wherever they live.

As a general rule, local Amazon marketplaces serve customers relevant information, such as prices listed in their local currency, their preferred payment options, and destination-specific messaging. This builds out a seamless customer experience regardless of where the buyer lives.

For Amazon sellers, the launch of opens up another emerging market to take advantage of. The ease of the localisation process for sellers increases brand reach quickly and allows small businesses to establish and maintain a cross-border presence while providing an even better customer experience for their Swedish buyers.

Already Using Linnworks? You’re Ready.

If you’re already using Linnworks, you don’t have to do anything. The software will automatically integrate with Amazon Sweden, just like it does with other destinations. Linnworks customers are able to scale their businesses on autopilot and add to their multichannel retail strategy without any extra hassle.

If you’ve got an active Linnworks account, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate Amazon Sweden with the rest of your local stores and easily list products on the new marketplace.

Instead of the standard Euro pricing seen on the existing European marketplaces, prices will be shown in Swedish Krona and listings will obviously be translated into Swedish. Bear in mind that this means your Amazon fees for will be billed in Swedish Krona too.

Scale in Sweden with Linnworks Amazon Inventory Management Software.

Expand your multichannel ecommerce strategy and enjoy seamless inventory management with Linnworks. Our software provides you with the tools you need to launch quickly and successfully in new markets.

Through powerful automated technology, you can set location-specific pricing across your different Amazon sites. This lets you serve market-friendly price points and enjoy full control over your inventory in different parts of the world with our centralized management system.

Add Sweden to your selling repertoire through multichannel listings that optimize your product pages for each individual market so you can scale up in your key product categories effortlessly.

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Nadia Barmada

Content & Growth Strategist @ Linnworks