The top Spanish ecommerce marketplaces to sell on in 2024

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The Spanish ecommerce market has seen remarkable growth in recent years — and is projected to reach $35.63bn in 2024 — making it a lucrative opportunity for online sellers. 

With a tech-savvy population and increasing internet penetration, Spain is becoming a hotbed for ecommerce activity. For businesses looking to expand their reach, Spanish ecommerce marketplaces can be the gateway to fresh growth. 

This article explores the top Spanish ecommerce marketplaces to sell on, the benefits of entering the Spanish market and provides actionable tips for maximizing your success.

Top Spanish Marketplaces

Why sell in Spain?

Spain’s ecommerce sector has been booming, driven by a combination of increasing digital adoption and consumer demand. 

Online shoppers in Spain are expected to grow to 29 million by 2024, making it one of Europe’s fastest-growing ecommerce markets. Categories such as fashion, electronics and home goods are particularly popular, with significant year-over-year sales increases.

Several factors contribute to the rapid growth of ecommerce in Spain:

  • High internet penetration: With over 92% of the population using the internet, Spain boasts a large potential customer base for online retailers.
  • Mobile commerce: The rise of mobile commerce has made shopping more accessible, with a significant portion of online purchases now made via smartphones and tablets.
  • Digital payment adoption: Increased trust in digital payment methods, such as credit cards and digital wallets, has facilitated smoother and more secure transactions.
  • Logistics and delivery improvements: Enhanced logistics infrastructure and faster delivery options have made online shopping more convenient for consumers. 
  • Cultural shifts: A growing preference for online shopping over traditional brick-and-mortar stores is evident among Spanish consumers, driven by convenience and a wider selection of products.

The Role of marketplaces in the Spanish ecommerce ecosystem

Ecommerce marketplaces play a crucial role in giving retailers access to the Spanish market, providing platforms where sellers can reach a local audience without the need to invest heavily in their own infrastructure. 

Marketplaces like Amazon Spain, eBay Spain and local giants like El Corte Inglés and Carrefour Spain offer established customer bases, marketing support and logistical services, making it easier for businesses to sell their products and scale operations. 

5 Tips for Selling on Spanish Marketplaces

While selling on Spanish ecommerce marketplaces will be an attractive prospect for many, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to set your business up for success as it expands into Spain. Here are five practical tips: 

1. Localize product listings and descriptions

One of the most critical aspects of selling on Spanish marketplaces is localizing your product listings and descriptions. This means translating content into Spanish, but also adapting it to local cultural nuances and preferences. 

Use native speakers for translations to ensure accuracy and relevance. Include local keywords and phrases to improve search visibility and resonate with Spanish consumers. High-quality, localized content can significantly enhance the shopping experience, building trust and boosting conversion rates.

2. Offer competitive pricing

Price sensitivity is a common trait among Spanish consumers, making competitive pricing a key factor for success. Research the pricing strategies of local competitors and adjust your prices accordingly.

Offering promotions, discounts and special deals can attract more buyers. Seasonal promotions, holiday discounts and flash sales are effective ways to boost visibility and sales. Ensure your promotional strategies align with local shopping behaviors and preferences to maximize their impact.

3. Provide excellent customer service

Excellent customer service is essential for maintaining a positive reputation and encouraging repeat business. Offer responsive and helpful customer support in Spanish, ensuring that customers can easily reach you with questions or concerns. 

Addressing customer inquiries promptly and professionally can set you apart from competitors. Additionally, having a clear and customer-friendly return policy can enhance trust and satisfaction, encouraging more purchases.

4. Leverage marketplace advertising tools

Most Spanish ecommerce marketplaces offer advertising tools to help sellers increase their visibility and reach more potential customers. Utilizing these tools can drive traffic to your product listings and boost sales. 

For example, Amazon Spain offers Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, which allow you to promote your products within search results and on product detail pages. Similarly, eBay Spain provides Promoted Listings to enhance visibility. Investing in marketplace advertising can yield significant returns, particularly in competitive categories.

5. Monitor and optimize performance

Regularly monitoring your performance metrics is crucial for ongoing success. Pay attention to key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, click-through rates and customer reviews. Use this data to identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategies accordingly. 

For instance, if a particular product is underperforming, consider revising its description, adjusting the price, or enhancing the images. Continuous optimization based on data-driven insights can help you stay competitive and increase your overall sales performance.

So, let’s consider the top marketplaces to capture this Spanish ecommerce potential!

The top Spanish ecommerce marketplaces

Amazon Spain

amazon spain

Overview and market position

Let’s start with a giant. It’ll come as no surprise that Amazon Spain is one of the most prominent ecommerce marketplaces in Spain, known for its vast selection of products and reliable service. 

It has a strong presence in the Spanish market, attracting millions of shoppers due to its reputation for fast delivery, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Amazon Spain is a go-to platform for many Spanish consumers, making it an essential marketplace for sellers aiming to reach a wide audience.

What are the benefits of Amazon Spain for ecommerce sellers?

The benefits of selling on Amazon Spain include: 

  • Audience reach: Access to millions of active users in Spain.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Leverage Amazon’s extensive logistics network to handle storage, packing and shipping.
  • Amazon Prime: Benefit from the popularity of Prime membership, which encourages more frequent and higher-value purchases.
  • Advertising tools: Utilize Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and other advertising options to boost visibility.
  • Customer trust: Strong brand reputation and customer trust enhance the likelihood of conversions.

eBay Spain

ebay spain

Overview and market position

eBay Spain is a well-established marketplace known for its diverse product range, including both new and second-hand items. It attracts a broad audience, from bargain hunters to collectors and offers sellers a flexible platform to reach Spanish consumers. eBay Spain’s auction-style listings and Buy It Now options provide various selling formats to suit different business needs.

What are the benefits of eBay Spain for ecommerce sellers?

  • Global reach: Access to eBay’s international customer base.
  • Flexible selling options: Choose between auction-style listings and fixed-price listings.
  • eBay Stores: Create a branded storefront to showcase your products.
  • Promoted listings: Boost product visibility with eBay’s advertising options.
  • Customer insights: Utilize eBay’s analytics tools to gain insights into customer behavior and sales performance.

El Corte Inglés

el corte ingles

Overview and market position

El Corte Inglés is one of Spain’s largest department store chains, with a significant presence both offline and online. The online marketplace offers a wide range of products, including fashion, electronics, home goods and more. Known for its high-quality offerings and trusted brand, El Corte Inglés attracts a diverse and loyal customer base.

What are the benefits of El Corte Inglés for ecommerce sellers?

  • Brand trust: Benefit from the strong reputation and customer loyalty of El Corte Inglés.
  • Wide product range: Access a diverse audience with varied product categories.
  • Marketing support: Take advantage of El Corte Inglés’ marketing and promotional activities.
  • Integrated logistics: Utilize the company’s logistics network for efficient order fulfillment.
  • Customer service: Leverage established customer service channels to enhance shopper satisfaction.

Fnac Spain

fnac spain

Overview and market position

Fnac Spain is a leading retailer specializing in electronics, books, music and multimedia products. With a strong online presence and a network of physical stores, Fnac is a popular choice for tech-savvy consumers and culture enthusiasts. The marketplace offers sellers access to a dedicated audience with a penchant for technology and entertainment products.

What are the benefits of Fnac Spain for ecommerce sellers?

  • Targeted audience: Reach consumers interested in electronics, media and cultural products.
  • Omnichannel presence: Benefit from Fnac’s integrated online and offline retail network.
  • Marketing support: Participate in Fnac’s marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Loyalty programs: Leverage Fnac’s customer loyalty programs to drive sales.
  • Customer trust: Enjoy the credibility and trust associated with the Fnac brand.

Carrefour Spain

carrefour spain

Overview and market position

Carrefour Spain is part of the global Carrefour Group, one of the largest retail chains in the world. With a robust online marketplace, Carrefour Spain offers a wide array of products including groceries, electronics, home goods and clothing. Its strong brand recognition and extensive network of physical stores make it a trusted platform among Spanish consumers.

What are the benefits of Carrefour Spain for ecommerce sellers?

  • Wide reach: Access to a broad customer base both online and offline.
  • Diverse product categories: Sell a variety of products across different categories.
  • Integrated logistics: Utilize Carrefour’s established logistics network for efficient order fulfillment.
  • Marketing and promotions: Benefit from Carrefour’s marketing efforts and promotional campaigns.
  • Customer loyalty programs: Leverage Carrefour’s loyalty programs to boost sales and customer retention.

AliExpress Spain

aliexpress spain

Overview and market position

AliExpress, a global ecommerce platform owned by Alibaba Group, has a significant presence in Spain. Known for its wide range of affordable products, Aliexpress attracts a diverse audience, from bargain hunters to tech enthusiasts. The platform’s competitive pricing and frequent promotions make it a popular choice among Spanish consumers.

What are the benefits of AliExpress Spain for ecommerce sellers?

  • Global reach: Access to a vast, highly international customer base.
  • Low costs: Competitive fees and low commission rates.
  • Variety of products: Sell across numerous categories including electronics, fashion and home goods.
  • Buyer protection: Strong buyer protection policies increase customer trust.
  • Promotional tools: Utilize Aliexpress’ promotional tools and campaigns to boost sales.

Zalando Spain

zalando spain

Overview and market position

Zalando Spain is part of Zalando SE, a leading European online fashion and lifestyle retailer. Specializing in clothing, footwear and accessories, Zalando is renowned for its high-quality offerings and exceptional customer service. The platform attracts fashion-conscious consumers looking for the latest trends and brands.

What are the benefits of Zalando Spain for ecommerce sellers?

  • Fashion audience: Reach a targeted audience of fashion enthusiasts.
  • High quality standards: Benefit from Zalando’s reputation for quality and trust.
  • Marketing support: Leverage Zalando’s extensive marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Premium brand association: Enhance your brand’s image by associating with Zalando.
  • Customer service: Access Zalando’s established customer service infrastructure.

Privalia Spain

privalia spain

Overview and market position

Privalia Spain is a leading online fashion outlet, specializing in flash sales of top brands at discounted prices. It caters to bargain hunters and brand enthusiasts looking for high-quality products at reduced prices. Privalia’s exclusive deals and limited-time offers make it a popular destination for Spanish shoppers.

What are the benefits of Privalia Spain for ecommerce sellers?

  • Exclusive deals: Attract customers with exclusive, time-limited offers on top brands.
  • Targeted audience: Reach a dedicated audience of bargain hunters and brand enthusiasts.
  • Marketing support: Benefit from Privalia’s targeted marketing campaigns.
  • High traffic: Enjoy increased visibility due to Privalia’s high traffic during flash sales.
  • Brand association: Enhance your brand’s image by being featured on a reputable platform.

Emerging Spanish ecommerce marketplaces

As the ecommerce landscape in Spain continues to evolve, a number of niche marketplaces are gaining traction, offering unique opportunities for sellers. These platforms cater to specific audiences and provide distinct features that can help sellers tap into emerging consumer trends and preferences.

Niche marketplaces gaining traction in Spain



PCComponentes is a leading online retailer specializing in electronics, computer components and technology products. With a strong focus on tech enthusiasts and gamers, PCComponentes has become a go-to destination for high-quality, specialized products.

  • Gamer audience: Target tech-savvy consumers and gamers.
  • Product reviews: Leverage detailed product reviews and ratings to build credibility.
  • Tech community: Engage with a community of tech enthusiasts through forums and social media.
  • Loyalty programs: Benefit from loyalty programs that encourage repeat purchases.

Sellers can capitalize on the growing demand for high-quality tech products by offering exclusive deals, bundling items and providing detailed product information. Participating in community discussions and leveraging PCComponentes’ marketing tools can further enhance visibility and sales.

Etsy Spain

etsy spain

Etsy Spain is the localized version of the global marketplace for handmade, vintage and unique goods. It attracts artisans, crafters and small business owners who want to reach a niche audience interested in one-of-a-kind products.

  • Unique products: Sell handmade, vintage and unique items that appeal to niche markets.
  • Global reach: Access a global audience while focusing on the Spanish market.
  • Personalized storefronts: Create a personalized storefront to showcase your brand and products.
  • Community engagement: Connect with a supportive community of artisans and small business owners.

Artisans and small business owners can benefit from Etsy Spain’s emphasis on unique and handmade goods. Sellers should focus on creating high-quality, personalized listings and engaging with customers to build a strong brand presence. Leveraging Etsy’s marketing tools and participating in site-wide promotions can boost visibility and sales.

Set yourself up for Spanish selling success 

The Spanish ecommerce market offers diverse opportunities for sellers, from established giants like Amazon Spain and eBay Spain to emerging platforms like PCComponentes, Ulabox and Etsy Spain. By understanding the unique features, fees and benefits of these marketplaces, sellers can strategically choose the platforms that best align with their business goals.

Selling on Spanish ecommerce marketplaces requires careful planning, localization and continuous optimization. By offering competitive pricing, providing excellent customer service, leveraging advertising tools and monitoring performance, you can maximize your success in the Spanish market.

Whether you’re a seasoned international seller or looking to expand your horizons, Spain’s ecommerce market in 2024 presents a lucrative venture that, when approached with the right strategies and insights — and technology — can propel your business to new heights. 

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