Linnworks join the Shopify AppStore

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Linnworks were excited to announce today we have now been added to the Shopify AppStore. Linnworks has integrated with the AppStore for a number of years now and we are incredibly proud of our integration. With 100’s of customers using the Shopify integration to fulfill orders, manage stock and keep listings up-to-date Shopify is easily one of our most popular website website platforms.

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Why Shopify?

For those considering investing in a webstore for the first time and are unfamiliar with Shopify, there are a range of great benefits to selling on this platform. Some of the top features include:

  • No cap on growth – Shopify is able to process more orders than you could possibly imagine. On average they handle 100,000 pages views a minute, during peak times this can rise to 500,000.
  • Low maintenance costs – Shopify is proven to reduce infrastructure and server costs through its powerful distributed hosting approach. 
  • Excellent support and upgrades – Shopify are continually updating their platform, meaning your business can benefit from one of the most cutting edge advanced website platforms of its kind.
  • Social Shopping integrations – With pre-built Facebook, Pintrest and Instagram integrations, Shopify has some great tools to help your business take full advantage of social selling.
  • 3rdparty applications – Linnworks isn’t Shopify’s only App, you only need to check out their AppStore to see the 100’s of service providers already working with Shopify.
  • Great content and knowledge base – For anyone interested in Shopify or eCommerce as a whole. Make sure you take a look at their blog, if you haven’t come across it already, it is a great resource for best practice, industry news and great eCommerce insights.  

Linnworks and Shopify – Working together to make online selling a breeze.

The Shopify integration allows our customers to manage their orders, keep stock totals up-to-date along with generating and printing shipping labels. The Shopify integration is incredibly quick and easy to set-up with a step by step guide found here. For further information on how the Shopify integration works on a day to day basis, take a look at our Shopify documentation.