20+ best Shopify apps for your Shopify store (2023)

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Shopify has become the go-to platform for most ecommerce businesses, and for good reason. It’s got fantastic support, a beautiful library of pre-built store themes and a dead-simple user interface.

But the best part of Shopify, especially for more advanced users, is the Shopify app store.

Chances are, when you first launch your Shopify store, it won’t work exactly like you want it to.

That’s why most experienced Shopify sellers regularly use Shopify apps to add new functionality to their store, increase sales, and customize their Shopify instance to their liking.

This post will review some of the top Shopify applications that can increase sales, draw in new customers, and improve your online business.

(We’ve included both free Shopify apps and those with paid plans.)

Let’s dive in!

Top Shopify apps for your ecommerce store

The following apps cover a range of features and functions, such as email marketing, SEO, product bundling, customer experience, customer support and more.

Some are free while others are paid. There’s something here for everyone – even if you’re on a tight budget.

Shopify Email

Shopify Email is an email marketing app designed for Shopify store owners, making it easy to create and send targeted email campaigns to customers.

Shopify Email helps users increase their customer engagement and retention by creating professional-looking email campaigns that are tailored to their customer base.

Key features of the app include pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop content blocks, segmentation tools and integration with Shopify’s analytics platform.

Shopify Email offers 10,000 free emails per month before charging $1 USD per additional 1,000 emails you send.


ShipStation is a must-have application for Shopify store owners who manage orders for their own shipping and fulfillment.

ShipStation helps users save time and money by automating their shipping process and providing access to discounted shipping rates from popular carriers like UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Key features of the app include batch processing, custom shipping rules, branded shipping labels and order tracking.

ShipStation integrates with all major carriers and offers discounted shipping rates. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month, with a 60-day free trial available.


Keeper is a free Shopify app that remembers customers’ abandoned shopping cart details across multiple devices.

When a customer logs in to another device, they’ll find the same cart they’ve created using another device.

The app helps to increase revenue, reduce cart abandonment rates and provide a seamless customer experience with its free options.

It’s definitely one of the best free Shopify apps out there, as cart abandonment makes up almost 70% of all lost sales in ecommerce.

Smart SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to attracting customers to your online store.

Smart SEO is a Shopify application that simplifies the SEO process by automatically generating meta tags, alt tags for images and structured data for your store.

You can increase your store’s exposure on search engines like Google with just a few clicks, which can result in more customers and sales.

Smart SEO offers a 7-day trial, with pricing starting at $9.99 per month.

Booster Apps

Booster Apps is a suite of some of the best free Shopify apps designed to help you increase sales and improve the customer experience.

Some of their most popular apps include SEO & Image Optimizer, Page Speed Optimizer and Discounted Upsells.

All of Booster Apps’ offerings have either free options or a trial, so be sure to take advantage of these free apps to improve SEO, improve customer experience and generate more sales.


ApparelMagic is an inventory management application designed for fashion and apparel stores.

This Shopify application helps you manage your inventory, track sales and coordinate with suppliers and manufacturers.

ApparelMagic also integrates with popular ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, allowing you to expand your online presence.

Pricing starts at $150 per month (or $120 per month paid annually), with a 30-day trial available.


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, where you can create personalized email campaigns and automated workflows to boost sales and engage your customers.

With Klaviyo, you can segment your customers based on their behavior, purchase history and more, ensuring your marketing efforts are tailored to your audience.

Klaviyo offers several pricing plans, including free options for up to 500 monthly email sends and 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits.

Their Email plan starts at $45/month and includes 1,001-1,500 contacts and 15,000 monthly email sends.

For more options, Klaviyo also offers an Email and SMS plan starting at $45/month which includes 1,001-1,500 contacts and 15,000 monthly email sends, plus a customizable SMS/MMS credits.


Heyday is an AI-powered chatbot that helps you provide exceptional customer support through Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms.

With Heyday, you can answer customer inquiries, provide personalized product recommendations and even process orders directly within messenger chat interfaces like Facebook Messenger.

This application can help you improve sales by providing a tailored shopping experience and turning newcomers into loyal customers.

Premium features on Heyday begin at $49/month and are available for a 14-day trial.


Peek! is an analytics application that logs user sessions on your Shopify store, providing useful information about how visitors use your website.

This one is really cool.

Every store owner should be optimizing their user experience and checkout flow, and there’s no better way to do that than to study how existing users navigate the site.

By watching back session recordings, you can identify usability issues, optimize your store layout and ultimately improve your conversion rate.

Peek! offers a free plan for up to 100 unique visitors per month, and a paid plan at $29/month (7-day trial included).


PayWhirl is a subscription management application that enables you to offer subscription products and recurring payments on your Shopify store.

With PayWhirl, you can create flexible subscription plans, manage billing and track customer data, all within the Shopify interface.

PayWhirl offers a 14-day trial, with pricing starting at $9 per month.


Route is a Shopify application that helps you streamline your order tracking and delivery process.

With Route, you can provide real-time tracking information to your customers, process refunds and replacements for lost or damaged items and offer shipping insurance at checkout.

By enhancing your store’s shipping experience, Route can help you increase customer satisfaction and build trust with your customers.

Route offers a free plan, premium features available at $349/month or custom pricing to suit your needs.


Joy is a Shopify application that offers an automatic and powerful rewards point system. This app lets busy Shopify users set up a basic loyalty program with very little effort.

With Joy, store admins can easily set up flexible earning and spending points, as well as redeeming conditions and points expiration periods.

This application also provides customer management tools for managing points and reward cards, as well as brand design customization.

With fully customizable branding and language translation, Joy also helps store owners send reward email notifications, automation emails and loyalty emails.

Joy offers a free plan with 250 orders/month, while premium plans start at $29 per month.


Loox is a Shopify app that helps you collect and display customer reviews with photos, increasing trust and social proof for your store.

With Loox, you can send automated review requests, offer incentives for customers who leave reviews and showcase your best reviews on your store’s homepage or product pages.

The app’s visually appealing design encourages more customers to share their experiences, boosting your store’s reputation and social proof as you drive more sales.

Loox offers a 14-day trial, with pricing starting at $9.99 per month.

Fancy FAQ

Fancy FAQ is a user-friendly app for Shopify stores that allows you to create a comprehensive FAQ section for your Shopify store.

With this app, you can easily organize your frequently asked questions into categories, add images or videos and customize the design to match your store’s branding.

A well-designed FAQ section can help you reduce customer support requests and improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Fancy FAQ offers a free plan with limits, with pricing starting at $1.99 per month.

ESC – Size Charts & Size Guide

ESC is a Shopify app that allows you to create custom size charts and size guides for your store’s products.

This app is particularly useful for fashion and apparel stores, as it helps customers find the right fit and reduces the likelihood of returns due to sizing issues.

With ESC, you can create size charts with no-code design elements, making it easy to implement and update your sizing information.

The app offers a free plan, with pricing starting at $4.99 per month.

ReConvert Upsell and Cross Sell

ReConvert is a Shopify app designed to help you optimize your store’s post-purchase experience, encouraging customers to make additional purchases or take other desired actions.

With ReConvert, you can create custom thank you pages with upsell and cross-sell offers, personalized product recommendations and more.

By leveraging these post-purchase opportunities, you can increase your store’s average order value and increase sales.

ReConvert offers a 30-day trial, with pricing starting at $4.99 per month.


Jebbit is an interactive content creation app that helps you engage your customers and gather valuable insights through fun quizzes, simple surveys and more.

With Jebbit, you can create visually appealing, branded content that encourages customers to share their preferences, feedback and other information.

This data can then be used to personalize your store content and marketing efforts and improve your store’s overall user experience.

Jebbit offers a free plan, with premium features available at $49/month (after a 14-day free trial).


Instafeed is a free Shopify app that allows you to showcase your Instagram feed on your store’s website, creating a visually appealing and engaging browsing experience for your customers.

With Instafeed, you can easily connect your Instagram account, customize the feed layout and display your most recent posts on your store’s homepage or other pages.

This app is an excellent way to leverage your social media presence to drive more traffic and increase sales.

Instafeed offers a free plan, with premium features starting at $5.99 per month.


The Pinterest Shopify app is a great free Shopify app that helps you connect your store to the popular visual discovery platform, allowing you to easily promote your products, sell directly from Pinterest and drive more traffic to your store.

With this app, you can create and publish Pins directly from your Shopify store, track the performance of your Pins and enable the “Shop the Look” feature, which allows users to shop for products directly from your Pins.

By leveraging the power of Pinterest, you can attract new customers and increase your store’s visibility.

The Pinterest Shopify app is free to use, with charges applied only when you purchase ads.

Frequently Bought Together

We’ve all experienced Amazon’s brilliant bundling/upselling feature in which users are prompted to purchase similar products to the ones they’re currently browsing.

Thanks to Frequently Bought Together (yes, that’s the name of the app), you can have this feature in your own Shopify store.

Frequently Bought Together is a Shopify app that uses AI algorithms to analyze your store’s sales data and display personalized product recommendations for each customer.

This app helps increase sales by encouraging customers to add complementary items to their cart, which can boost your average order value.

Frequently Bought Together offers a 30-day free trial, with pricing starting at $9.99 per month.


Printful is a print-on-demand app that allows you to sell custom-printed products without the need for inventory or upfront costs.

With Printful, you can create and sell a wide range of products, like t-shirts, posters and phone cases, with your own designs.

When a customer places an order, Printful automatically prints and ships the product directly to the customer, making it an easy way to expand your product offerings and increase sales.

The app is free to use, but some other charges may apply.

CedCommerce Etsy Integration

The CedCommerce Etsy Integration app allows you to connect your Shopify store to the popular handmade and vintage marketplace, making it easy to manage and sync your product listings across both platforms.

By expanding your presence on Etsy, you can reach a new audience of shoppers who value unique, artisanal products.

The app is free to use, but listing fees and transaction fees apply when selling on Etsy.


The Appstle Shopify app helps merchants easily set up and manage subscriptions for their online stores.

Appstle subscriptions offer a variety of powerful recurring order features, such as loyalty benefits, churn control, box subscriptions and more.

You can sell regular and prepaid subscriptions, offer tiered discounts, custom shipping and gifts with loyalty features.

You can also drive conversion with an app-focused shopper experience menu template, and maximize ROI with upsells, bundling, bulk automation and retention tools.

Appstle offers a free plan or a $10/month plan (after a 10-day free trial).

FAQs about Shopify apps and the Shopify app store

What are the benefits of using an app from the Shopify app store?

Using Shopify apps from the Shopify app store can offer a wide range of benefits to any ecommerce business owner.

You may access a variety of features and functions that can significantly elevate your online business by using Shopify apps, all without the need for any coding skills.

One significant advantage of using Shopify apps is the streamlined operations they can offer your business.

This can save you time to devote to other crucial aspects of managing your business, such as product development or marketing.

Plus, using apps from the app store can help improve your website’s functionality and purchasing experience.

With the right app, you can offer advanced features like personalized product recommendations, custom payment options and improved checkout processes.

What are the best Shopify apps for my store?

There is no blanket approach to picking the top Shopify apps for your online store. Your store type and unique goals will determine which apps are best for your business.

Fortunately, Shopify offers a wide choice of apps that may meet a range of demands, like:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media integrations
  • Social media advertising
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Inventory management

Some of the most popular apps are mentioned throughout this post.

It’s important to carefully assess your store’s individual requirements before selecting the best apps for your ecommerce store. Consider your company’s objectives, customers and financial constraints.

Many apps have a free trial, so don’t be hesitant to try out several applications to determine which ones perform best for you.

How do I install a Shopify App?

Installing a Shopify app is easy — simply go to the App Store and search for the app you want to install. From there, follow the instructions provided by the app developer to add it to your store.

What should I do if I experience problems with my Shopify app?

Since Shopify apps are often developed by third-party developers, there is a chance they may introduce bugs or other oddities into your Shopify store.

While Shopify is usually quite stringent about quality control, it’s not unheard of to have issues with third-party Shopify apps.

First, reach out to the app developer. They’re the experts when it comes to their app, and they typically offer support services to help resolve any hiccups you might encounter.

If the app developer is unable to provide you with the help you need, Shopify’s Help team is also available. They can provide guidance, suggest alternative solutions and even contact with the app developer on your behalf if necessary.

Are there any fees associated with using Shopify apps?

Some apps require an upfront cost or offer subscription plans that include fees.

It’s important to read app descriptions carefully before downloading and installing them, to ensure you understand the associated costs.

Additionally, some app developers may offer free trials so that you can test out an app before committing to a subscription plan.

How can I choose the right Shopify app for my ecommerce store?

Consider the following methods to choose the best Shopify Apps for your ecommerce business:

Determine what your store needs

Think about your roadblocks. What’s holding you back?

Is it a lack of marketing strategy? A bad customer or user experience? No bundling options? A high cart abandonment rate or bad UI/UX on your checkout page?

Maybe you want to branch out into social marketing, like selling through Facebook Messenger. 

Shopify apps can solve each of these problems.

Research popular apps

Browse the Shopify App Store and read reviews to learn about the experiences of other store owners who have used the apps you’re considering.

Take advantage of the best free apps and trials

Free trials are common, and using one before choosing to subscribe to a premium plan will help you assess the app’s usefulness and impact on your shop.

Monitor the results

After implementing a new app, track its effectiveness by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your goals, such as conversion rates, average order value, or customer satisfaction.

Final thoughts: inventory and order management matters

Choosing the best Shopify applications may have a big impact on your online store’s performance in today’s cutthroat ecommerce environment.

Some of the best Shopify apps may help your business expand by increasing sales and customer engagement, simplifying processes and improving the shopping experience.

You can leapfrog a lot of the headaches and get set up for success by using the right tools. Experiment with each of these apps and see which ones help you achieve your goals.

As an inventory and order management software company, we understand the importance of optimizing your ecommerce store and ensuring smooth operations.

We offer seamless integration with your Shopify store, so you can track your inventory across multiple channels (including your website and other third-party marketplaces), know the ins and outs of every SKU in your warehouse, optimize picking and packing and much more.

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