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With the number of new Amazon sellers on the rise, competing on the marketplace can be cutthroat.

Which means that as a seller you need every advantage you can get to stand out from the competition and grow a successful business.

Now while there are tons of things you can do to increase your Amazon sales, a relatively overlooked tactic for growing your business on Amazon is the inclusion of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on your listings.

But what is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content? And how does it compare to Amazon A+ Detail Pages?

What is Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon?

Enhanced Brand Content enables Amazon sellers to add images and text content to their listings, in place of text-only product descriptions.

Without EBC, Amazon product descriptions can only be formatted slightly using HTML tags, which is minimal compared to what the EBC tool enables.

Perhaps the main reason to consider using EBC though is due to the fact that the use of high-quality images and infographics have been proven to increase the conversion rate of listings.

Where can you find Enhanced Brand Content?

EBC can be found within the advertising section of Amazon Seller Central.

Do keep in mind that this feature is only available to Brand Registered Sellers, so you will not see the EBC section in your account if you have not completed the Brand Registry process.

Enhanced Brand Content vs. A+ Detail Pages

Just to clear up any confusion, Enhanced Brand Content is the equivalent of Vendor Central’s Amazon A+ Detail Pages.

In fact, the latter had been so successful in helping users increase the conversions of their listings by up to 10%, Amazon gave third-party sellers the opportunity to achieve similar benefits by introducing EBC back in 2016.

Ultimately, both allow you to include more captivating images and additional sales content to your listings, while being customizable to fit the style of your brand.

What’s more, both EBC and A+ Detail Pages enable you to explain complicated product features, provide in-depth instructions of how to properly use a product and even directly answer customer’s questions and concerns. 

Creating EBC pages for Amazon listings

We’ve already mentioned that EBC is only available to Amazon Seller Central users that have complete a brand registry application. 

To get approved for brand registry, you will need to have intellectual property such as a trademark. 

Navigating the Enhanced Brand Content section

In your Seller Central account, you will need to go to the advertising tab to access the content manager.

EBC Seller Central

By selecting the Enhanced Brand Content option from the drop-down, you will be able to access your drafted and published EBC pages. You will also be able to create new EBC for your listings by selecting ‘Start Creating A+ Content”. 

Planning your layout

Before diving into the EBC modules themselves, it is recommended that you create a layout outside of Seller Central.

When doing this, consider what your goals of the EBC listings are and how you want to achieve these goals.

For example, do you want the page to explain difficult-to-use product features? If so, you may want to consider which images and text you will need to create to best convey this.

By deciding on a layout and creating the content first, you will be able to more quickly and efficiently create and publish your pages without delay. 

It’s also worth noting that your content should follow Amazon’s guidelines, which can be found here.

Assembling the content

Once you have planned out your content, you will be able start creating your EBC pages.

The first thing you will need to do is name the piece of EBC and tell Amazon what language the content is in. 

Next up, you will need to include a header image which includes your company logo. Don’t just limit it to this though and think about how you can take advantage of the space by including some eye-catching design features. Take a look at the example below for inspiration.

Enhanced Brand Content Example

Within the product description section below, which is the first text section a customer will see on the page – it is recommended that you explain either what your product does or who your company is. 

The rest of the EBC can then be customized with different modules and you are even encouraged to make use of visuals with text laid over them. 

But how does EBC impact Amazon SEO?

In short, it doesn’t. 

More specifically, Amazon does not index content within EBC sections, so the format in which your EBC content is displayed will have no impact on your product’s search visibility. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Amazon automatically formats all EBC pages for both mobile and desktop, so there are no additional steps on your end. You can be assured that your content will display properly on all media devices.

Applying ASINs

The first thing to note here is that the same EBC page can be used across multiple Amazon listings and once you have created your page, you will need to select which ASINs you want the EBC page to show up on.

If there are any issues with your page, Amazon will provide a notification before it allows you to move onto this step.

Previewing and submitting your content

Amazon will provide you with a link to preview your content and let you see how it will look compiled on a web page.

If there are any violations of their guidelines, you will be notified of this at the point of previewing your content. Only after this will you be able to submit the content for review.

Amazon states that this can take anywhere from one to seven days and should it not pass, they will inform you of the reason, along with suggested changes.

It is possible to fail the review multiple times so you can be going back and forth with Amazon until the page meets their standards. We have seen listings with issues be published as soon as 24 hours after submitting them – however, there is typically some back and forth between Amazon to get the EBC where it needs to be for publishing.

After it is approved by Amazon it can show up on the listing almost immediately.

It is always a good practice to go back and check the listing after approval though.

In fact, we sometimes find that the Amazon system does not always show the content on the front end all the time. You may also need to follow up with Amazon if you do not see the content on the listing within 24 hours.

Use Enhanced Brand Content to increase your conversions

Standing out from the crowd is vital to competing on Amazon and it is for this reason why the marketplace continues to roll out new marketing features to help Seller Central users.

Utilizing Enhanced Brand Content on your product listings is one of the marketing features that can have a huge impact on your product listings.

Ultimately, increasing your conversion rates is one of Amazon’s algorithm ranking factors that you can directly influence and great EBC content can help to achieve this. 

One way you should start taking advantage today is to create your EBC pages.

Once again, determine exactly what your EBC goals are prior to creating the content to make planning and content creation simpler.

Utilizing the different modules available to achieve your goals will help create the perfect Enhance Brand Content page to convert browsers into buyers and help you sell more on Amazon.

Be sure to check after your content is published to ensure it is showing up on your listing page. After all, being diligent with your Amazon listings is the best way to guarantee success on the platform.

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