Linnworks 101: Product listing management best practices

Are you spending too much time on repetitive and manual tasks when it comes to managing your product listings across your sales channels?

As your sales increase, your operations scale across multiple channels and your business logistics become more complex. Automation is key to driving growth and keeping up with the pace of change. Linnworks automation tools not only reduce manual day to day tasks, they enable sellers like you to drive growth, free up time and meet customer needs.

Join Paul Atrat, our Sales Engineer to learn how to take control of your listings and optimize your product management to set your business up for success. Following on from January’s session, we dive into another core area of Linnworks, product listing management. In this webinar you will:

  • Understand how Linnworks can help you scale your growth, spend less time on repetitive tasks and reduce errors associated with product listings.
  • Learn how to list and manage your products on multiple channels.
  • Discover how to avoid overselling or underselling with automated features such as disabling listings as stock sells out and automated stock replenishment.
  • Receive a Linnworks 101 demo from one of our experts.