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December 2023 Release Notes




refurbed is the go-to marketplace for refurbished and sustainable products, connecting top sellers to high-value, sustainably-minded customers. The Linnworks and refurbed integration is now available to install from the channel integrations screen in Linnworks. Find out more here.

November 2023 Release Notes

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‍Order Management

Fulfilment Networks Order Split


We’ve made an enhancement to our new Fulfilment Networks feature. In the instance where an order cannot be fulfilled from one location, we’ve added new functionality where the orders can be split and moved across locations that have available stock. This means orders can be processed faster and aren’t sitting in warehouses waiting for more stock to arrive. Here’s the different options available:

  • No Split – Orders will never be split.
  • Split First – As soon as Linnworks finds a location that can fulfill part of the order, that part will be split from the main order and sent to that location.
  • Split Last – Linnworks will try to fulfill the whole order from a single location first. If it can’t, it will try to split the order across multiple locations.

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Export Data


The Export Data tool now includes the new Export Report Timezone setting, allowing you to choose your preferred time zone for the exported date information. For full details, see here.


Boost Analytics


Boost Analytics helps online retailers optimise their eBay listings and sell more. By analysing your listings and sales data, Boost makes intelligent and actionable recommendations to improve search visibility and increase conversion rates. The Linnworks and Boost Analytics integration is now available in the app store.

October 2023 Release Notes

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‍Warehouse Management

Pickwaves Identifiers


You can now add identifiers when generating a pickwave to make it easier for your warehouse team to prioritize and identify them e.g. priority, eBay only, Amazon only etc. You can also add an image as a visual identifier. Discover more here.