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April 2024 Release Notes

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‍Order Management

Billing Email Address


You can now send an order confirmation email including an invoice attachment to the billing email address contact. This can be set up using the “Dispatch Notification” (Billing) template in the email notification screen.

Channel Integrations

Kaufland – Poland and Austria Support


Our Kaufland channel integration is now available in Poland and Austria. Find out more about the integration here.



SHOPLINE and Linnworks work seamlessly together, ensuring retailers get an end-to-end shopping experience for their merchants. With a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge features, and unmatched customer success services, SHOPLINE empowers over 500,000 merchants to scale their businesses effortlessly. This integration is now available to install from the channel integrations screen.

App Store

XML Dispatch Date Import Macro


The XML Dispatch Date Import macro helps you extract the delivery date from an order’s XML file and save it as the Dispatch By Date in order details. You can also adjust the Offset to ensure the Dispatch By Date is earlier than the delivery date. This macro can be useful when you need to schedule orders (e.g. gifts or flowers) for delivery on particular dates instead of sending them out immediately.

This macro is now available to install from the app store. Please note, this macro has a monthly subscription fee.

Missing Phone Number and Email


The Missing Phone Number and Email application contains a macro that runs as the Rules Engine action. This macro automatically fills in the shipping address, phone number and email in the open order details with the default one from the preset configuration if it was initially empty.

This macro is now available to install from the app store. Please note, this macro has a monthly subscription fee.

Package Splitter


With Rishvi’s automation app integrated into Linnworks, splitting packaging within orders is as easy as clicking the “Split” button and specifying the desired number of parcels. The app swiftly processes the request, intelligently dividing the orders based on quantity, ensuring optimal packaging without the need for manual intervention. 

This seamless process enhances efficiency and accuracy in order management, empowering users to meet customer demands effectively while streamlining operations. This app is now available to install from the app store. Please note, this app has a monthly subscription fee.


Contact Details


The contact details section in the personal details settings have been updated with new additional fields. They are now full name, phone number, responsibilities and job role. These extra details will allow us to verify your identity easier when assisting you with any support queries. Find out more here.

Linnworks login method – 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) update


The Linnworks login method allows your users to directly log into Linnworks using the credentials of their Linnworks account (email and password). 2FA adds an extra layer of security to accounts, making them less likely to be compromised.

Enforcing 2FA will require all users to use 2FA for successful login. If users have not set up 2FA, they will be prompted to do so during their next logging attempt. 
Please note that disabling this setting will not disable 2FA for users who have already set it up. We’ve added a warning message in this section of the general settings to make that clear. You can find out more about login methods here.


Pre-fill next tray


Your warehouse team can now see which tray they should put an item into before they scan the item’s barcode, preventing them from putting it into a new or wrong tray.