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Introducing our latest product update, covering everything that’s new on the Linnworks and SkuVault platforms.

In the last few months, we’ve launched new apps to help you connect your commerce, optimised features to save you time and continued to develop crucial features that help empower you and impact your business.

Dive into our product update below.

– Connect your Commerce –

Available Now

Automate repeatable tasks. New feature available in beta.

Keep on top of all your inventory in one platform – for both online and in-store stock with the Lightspeed POS and Linnworks integration.

  • Real-time stock levels for your web store and physical store
  • Flexible fulfillment options
  • Create and manage multiple locations from one platform

Linnworks users can add the integration directly from the Linnworks Channel Integrations screen. For further details on Linnworks’ selling channels, please contact

New Connectors in Linnworks

Get your Shopping in Shape

New shipping apps to help grow and optimize your fulfillment

Shipmate is a multi-carrier parcel management and delivery software designed for UK and Republic of Ireland merchants. Quickly integrate with multiple carriers, print parcel labels and track deliveries.

ShipSpot is an AI-driven shipping platform that connects Linnworks customers to multiple carriers, simplifying the entire shipping process from order processing to label generation and delivery tracking.

With the EasyPost integration, Linnworks users can connect to hundreds of new couriers, utilizing advanced rate shopping capabilities across carriers and APIs for real-time tracking, address verification and parcel insurance.

Mail Handling International (MHI) helps retailers deliver to a global marketplace. With a host of delivery options, including DTP & DAP, you’ll get the ease of a single carrier, with the power of dozens.

DMSMatrix Shipping offers a comprehensive shipping solution for sellers. The platform streamlines order processing and provides effortless label generation.

Processing thousands of UK and EU orders every day, Integro360 simplifies order picking, inventory visibility, courier and returns management.

Connect to growing marketplaces

Leading apps for refurbished tech and accessibility

Back Market is the world’s first marketplace dedicated to selling refurbished and certified used products, giving you access to the biggest buyer community worldwide for these products.

Refurbed is the go-to marketplace for refurbished and sustainable products, connecting top sellers to high-value, sustainably-minded customers.

EnableAll is the world’s first truly accessible online marketplace platform, which enables equality and inclusion for disabled people, economic opportunities for merchants, and an ethical alternative for conscious consumers.

Grow your insights

Understand what makes your business tick

Boost Analytics optimizes eBay listings by analyzing your listings and sales data, Boost makes intelligent and actionable recommendations to improve search visibility and increase conversion rates.

WhatSales is one of the fastest growing profitability & performance tools in Ecommerce – suitable for any size seller, globally. View your real-time stock, inventory and product performance and more, all in one place.

Exclusive offer for Linnworks customers: 50% off your WhatSales subscription for 3 months, find out more.

Tambo Compass helps you navigate your growth on Amazon, offering easy to understand, actionable insights into your Amazon activity. Find out more.

Explore and connect

Be where your customers are, on whichever platform they’re on. Linnworks gives you easy access to hundreds of global marketplaces, D2C platforms, shipping providers, 3PLs, and more.

-Connectors coming soon-

What’s coming soon?

Apps to be released

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Considering Linnworks?

Considering Linnworks? Explore our full range of integrations here.

-Linnworks Warehouse improvements-

New Features

Get more done faster

Get more done with Fulfillment networks

When an order cannot be fulfilled from one location, you now have the option to split and move across locations that have available stock. This means orders can be processed faster and aren’t sitting in warehouses waiting for more stock to arrive. 

New fulfillment options: 

  • No Split – Orders will never be split.
  • Split First – As soon as Linnworks finds a location that can fulfill part of the order, that part will be split from the main order and sent to that location.
  • Split Last – Linnworks will try to fulfill the whole order from a single location first. If it can’t, it will try to split the order across multiple locations.

Identify and sort at speed

Sorting and prioritizing pickwaves just got a whole lot easier for your warehouse team

Add Identifiers

You can now add identifiers to pickwaves. For pickwaves that need to be picked as priority, or in a certain way, or by specific staff, you can now identify them better.

Add images

For orders that need to be processed, you can also now add an image as a visual identifier.

-Data Improvements-

Features for managing your data

Improvements to importing and exporting

Importing Data

Importing your data in Linnworks just got easier with the addition of a new side menu, allowing you to multitask whilst editing your imports. We’ve also added a new search and filter feature. The update is rolling out gradually, so keep an eye out – it’ll reach you soon if you don’t have access already.

Exporting Data

The Export Data tool now includes the new Export Report Timezone setting, allowing you to choose your preferred time zone for the exported date information.

Have a product suggestion?

We’re all ears

Our Product Suggestions Portal is a new place where Linnworks customers can suggest and track specific features from suggestion to release.

The Product Suggestions Portal enables you to:

  • View, submit, vote, and subscribe to suggestions.
  • Collaborate using comments to discuss and exchange information on suggestions.
  • Keep track of suggestion status and progress with a notification for any state change, comment, or reply you have engaged with.
  • View the details of a suggestion and ask or answer questions and exchange information about a suggestion using comments.
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SkuVault Updates

Currently only available in the US

Integration improvements

No more catalog headaches. We’ve introduced a product pull feature for the Lightspeed integration, erasing data gaps and the need for dual catalog management.

Simply activate the Lightspeed data pull in SkuVault, and it’ll update automatically every 30 minutes.

We Love your Feedback

SkuVault customers only

Annual product survey

[Deadline now passed]

Thanks to all who contributed and shared feedback through our Annual product survey, unfortunately the deadline has now passed with the survey having run throughout February.

Product suggestion portal

Submit a product suggestion.

We’re all ears for your feedback and suggestions on the product, please provide detailed feedback and suggestions using the below link.

SkuVault Masterclasses

Most recent Masterclass

In February, we hosted a Replenishment Report masterclass. Having the right reports set up can keep your inventory organized and make your warehouse operations more efficient.

Upcoming Masterclass

Make sure to join us on March 20th for a masterclass on 3PL workflows and Cycle Counting in SkuVault.

Join Bill Peden, our Solution Engineer, in the final part of this masterclass series.