Linnworks announces live integrations with SPS Commerce, ShipBob, EasyPost and Easyship

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Linnworks grows global network of partner integrations, expands total commerce capabilities in the North American market.

Linnworks, a leading commerce automation platform, today announced live integrations with SPS Commerce, ShipBob, EasyPost and Easyship. The new integrations build on Linnworks’ agnostic approach to allow merchants to use any platform or carry over their established partnerships with service providers. This will strengthen Linnworks’ provider ecosystem as well as Linnworks platform capabilities as a whole, making every aspect of online selling easier and faster.

“These four connector integrations are pivotal for Linnworks and our customers,” said Lynn Torbert, Partner Director-Commercial, North America at Linnworks. “Each integration offers global solutions and helps streamline shipping processes, as well as allows Linnworks to expand into other marketplaces. We’re excited to offer business-to-business (B2B) services with the help of SPS Commerce, as well as bolstered business-to-consumer services with the help of ShipBob, EasyPost and Easyship, from one centralized backend.”

SPS Commerce: As the leading retail network, SPS connects more than 95,000 retailers, suppliers, and third-party logistics providers to streamline order fulfillment and item data exchange to support their omnichannel retail businesses. With SPS, B2B merchants have access to more than 3,000 buying organizations, thus enhancing their multichannel opportunity across North American wholesale and direct-to-consumer (D2C) retailers. The SPS Commerce integration is powered by RADCOM, developed by RAD Associates.

ShipBob: ​A global logistics platform with over 25 warehouses across North America, the UK, the EU and Australia. Utilizing ShipBob’s fulfillment services, warehouse network, and connected technology, Linnworks merchants can improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for every customer by offering next-day and 2-day delivery options. ShipBob marks the first 3PL app in Linnworks’ online marketplace. By integrating directly with shipping partners, Linnworks expands its network with more shipping couriers across North America and globally.

“Our integration with Linnworks is the most robust connector we’ve ever launched, featuring a powerful rules engine and rich order customization suite,” said Kevin Marvinac, VP of Partnerships, ShipBob. “Linnworks’ powerful IMS/OMS capabilities paired with ShipBob’s multinational fulfillment, merchants should be able to accomplish – and automate – just about any workflow.”

EasyPost: ​A fast, reliable and flexible multi-carrier shipping API that integrates 100+ global carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. With the EasyPost integration, Linnworks users can connect all EasyPost global couriers to rate shop between carriers, track packages, validate addresses, and get insurance for their parcels. EasyPost helps small to enterprise level merchants avoid month-long integrations, lengthy carrier documentation, and time-consuming updates. The EasyPost integration was developed by Lim Media Unlimited.

“Our integration with the Linnworks platform comes at a pivotal time for e-commerce businesses, as they navigate the ever-changing shipping landscape,” said Jarrett Streebin, Founder and CEO of EasyPost. “Our best-in-class solutions working in tandem make every aspect of online selling easier, faster, and smarter.”

Easyship: I​s the leading global logistics software enabling borderless commerce. Linnworks merchants can access or link over 250+ shipping solutions, such as USPS, UPS, Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL; as well as, seamless fulfillment from over 60 global warehouses, offering next day and 2-day delivery options at scale. With the Easyship integration merchants can compare rates (inclusive of DDP), schedule pickups, automate labels and customs documentation, access global tracking, showcase delivery lead times to buyers, as well as, offer insurance and returns for their merchants all within the Linnworks interface.

“Over the past year we’ve experienced the e-commerce market growing exponentially, leading to increased demand for affordable, flexible and reliable delivery options,” said Augustin Ceyrac, COO and co-founder at Easyship. “We are excited to present streamlined delivery and competitive global rates to Linnworks customers. This collaboration corroborates Linnworks’ commitment to enabling businesses with the resources to grow dynamic, profitable businesses with Easyship.”

Linnworks enables total commerce control by allowing merchants to operate their entire business from one, centralized backend. Current SPS Commerce, ShipBob, EasyPost and Easyship customers will now have the ability to streamline their selling processes via the Linnworks platform, as well as automate logistics and grow their omnichannel capabilities.The new connector integrations reflect continued momentum and enhanced offerings, and enable Linnworks to further expand throughout the North American market and globally.

Linnworks selected these integrations based on market demand from prospects, merchants and our partners. All four connectors are now available to existing Linnworks customers, and are easily accessible in the Linnworks app marketplace.