Virtualstock is a modular SaaS platform that sits between the retailer and their suppliers.

The platform is cloud-based and provides a single, frictionless connection between suppliers and retailers. It gives retailers visibility across their direct to customer supply chain – including stock availability, order status and delivery status. Suppliers can either interact with the user interface, or via APIs, including a Linnworks integration, meaning retailers can work with a wide-range of suppliers.




Ecommerce Platform

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Reasons to adopt

Virtualstock is recognised as the UK’s leading Dropshipping SaaS platform

$1.8 billion annual transactions, over 6 million orders and 30k active customers.

Be connected to all your suppliers in one place

With one connection to Virtualstock you are connected to all your suppliers – no more messy point-to-point EDI integrations that require constant maintenance. Suppliers can either receive orders manually via the portal or via APIs, meaning you can work with a range of different suppliers.

Improved customer experience

Gain visibility of where all of your supplier orders are, meaning you can update the end customer and measure supplier performance, both of which will improve customer experience.

Linnworks Features

  • Inventory Updates – Linnworks can automatically send changes in stock levels to the channel.
  • Order Download – Channel orders can be automatically downloaded into Linnworks.
  • Channel Tax – The channel provides tax information and settings displayed on orders in Linnworks during order download.
  • Inventory Mapping – Channel listings can be linked to Linnworks inventory items for stock level and price updates.
  • Location Mapping – Orders can be downloaded and inventory updates sent from specific locations.
  • Order Cancellation – Orders can be canceled on the channel via Linnworks.
  • Order Despatch – Orders on the channel can be marked as shipped and provided with the tracking number and shipping service name via Linnworks.
  • Price Change – Prices on channel listings can be automatically updated via Linnworks.

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