Sellware Inventory Management

Sellware is a channel management tool that allows you to maintain accurate inventory while selling across multiple marketplaces.




Channel Management

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Reasons to adopt

Reduce human error

By seamlessly integration the Sellware platform with SkuVault Core, tasks become more efficient and accurate, enhancing overall performance and reliability in warehouse management.

Sync data

Pull everything from orders to product data from Sellware into SkuVault Core every five to 10 minutes.

Update quantities

Push quantities from SkuVault Core to Sellware to ensure they are accurately reflected across your marketplace channels.

SkuVault Features

Sellware streamlines the listing process, enabling you to create new listings with a single mouse-click or link to previously created ones. Its integration with SkuVault Core’s world-class warehouse management further enhances efficiency, allowing you to synchronize inventory levels across all your channels. This helps to avoid stock-outs without the need to take down your listings or lose important statistics, providing a cohesive and seamless approach to managing both listings and inventory.

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