Miva Merchant, commonly referred to simply as Miva, is a flexible and robust ecommerce platform designed to help businesses build and manage online stores. Known for its customization options and user-friendly interface, Miva provides a range of tools that allow merchants to create, design, and optimize their online storefronts.




Ecommerce Platform

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Reasons to adopt

Fully automated

Experience fully automated order processing and fulfillment processing.

Inventory syncs

Syncs inventory (price and quantity), inventory adjustments, and orders between SkuVault Core and Miva Merchant.

Warehouse transparency

Use SkuVault Core’s complete arsenal of warehouse management tools for complete transparency.

SkuVault Features

Miva Merchant is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that allows you to manage all aspects of your business through its complete and integrated system. Miva Merchant pools data from all facets of your business, including accounting, security, and hosting, and integrates with SkuVault Core to allow transparency and reporting. When integrated, you can import data like orders, products, and inventory changes to SkuVault Core.

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