Feedonomics is a data feed management platform that serves ecommerce businesses by optimizing and syndicating product data across hundreds of online channels. It’s designed to handle various complexities of product feed optimization, including the ability to manipulate and categorize data efficiently. By providing integration with different platforms, Feedonomics ensures that product information is consistent and up-to-date across multiple sales channels.




Channel Management

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Reasons to adopt

Prevent human error

Speed up pick times using digital interactive wave picking or barcoding.

Sync quantities

Seamlessly sync quantities across all marketplace channels.

Accurate product data

Pull product orders and attributes into SkuVault Core for maximum visibility.

SkuVault Features

The integration with SkuVault Core and Feedonomics seamlessly pulls order and product attributes through an API, applying robust optimization tools. These tools ensure adherence to best practices, such as verifying titles contain color and size, checking broken links and images, filtering out underperforming products, and automatically classifying and mapping products to various channels with unique categories.

Additionally, the integration brings in SKU-level performance data from major shopping channels, such as clicks, conversions, and CPA, enabling custom labels for performance-based bid segmentation. The optimized data is then distributed to hundreds of advertising and marketplace channels for optimal performance.

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