ChannelAdvisor is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that helps brands and retailers expand their reach by connecting them with multiple online channels.




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Reasons to adopt

Efficient pick, pack, ship

Our ChannelAdvisor integration features efficient pick lists so you can pick orders faster. With SkuVault Core, you’ll experience faster fulfillment with few errors. Sell faster, pick faster and ship faster than ever before!

Eliminate mis-ships

The ChannelAdvisor integration features full quality control to ensure fewer mis-ships, out-of-stocks, and better seller performance ratings.

Smart reporting

Use SkuVault Core’s next-gen reporting features such as the Replenishment Report. You’ll have the inventory on hand that you need when you need it.

SkuVault Features

Get started with our ChannelAdvisor integration and automatically sync your products. SkuVault Core pulls your product data directly from ChannelAdvisor, streamlining the implementation process and ensuring your inventory is up-to-date across various selling channels. The automation doesn’t stop at product data; SkuVault Core will also sync inventory to ChannelAdvisor every 6 minutes and pull orders every 30 minutes, allowing you to dive right into your order fulfillment process without delay.

This integration also offers valuable reporting tools, such as the CA Sync Report, enabling you to analyze and compare SKUs between ChannelAdvisor and SkuVault. This ensures that your data matches correctly across both platforms, providing you with the accurate insights you need to manage your inventory effectively and grow your online retail business.

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