Provide convenient and flexible delivery options with Amazon BOPIS

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1. Easier returns & refunds in .net

Save time by managing all returns and refunds within one central location. Linnworks removes the need to manually update in each selling channel (where refunds are supported by the channel).

2. Smart inventory management in .net

Stop searching for inventory levels or raising purchase orders manually with the reorder low stock feature. Linnworks monitors the stock level of each item and highlights when it’s below the minimum level so you can save time and take action.

3. Flexible fulfillment options in .net

Improve customer satisfaction by offering the option to pick up products purchased on Amazon from your offline store. This convenient and flexible buyer experience can all be managed within

4. Automated digital picklists in .net

Save time and improve efficiency with automated digital picklists. Warehouse staff can access what needs to be picked to fulfill orders and know the most efficient route to pick products.

5. New dashboards in .net

Track key sales and financial performance across selling channels with easy to use dashboards. Gain visibility into stock levels, inventory, orders and shipping performance at your convenience with a few clicks.

Recent product highlights in .net

Product update
Prepare for Peak

We’re constantly looking to improve the Linnworks platform and we understand how important the peak period is for sellers across the globe to get right.

This is why we’ve made improvements to features, released new products and created some important resources to help you not only navigate the busy peak period, but excel. resources

Need a refresher on the Linnworks platform? Access quick and easy video tutorials on core areas of below.

Inventory Management

Avoid over or underselling with real-time inventory tracking across all of your key sales channels from one centralized platform.


Order Management

Save time by using automation to manage and process online sales across your key sales channels.


Shipping Management

Access a wide range of integrations to manage shipping across all your sales channels and improve customer experience.