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Undersummers is a US-based retailer of size-inclusive intimates, leggings, and dresses. Founded by CarrieRae Munson in 2011 while she was working as a teacher, Undersummers has grown to become a leading retailer and wholesaler for comfortable, breathable women’s shorts — known as shortlettes.  

We caught up with Munson to find out how SkuVault Core has helped her take control of her inventory — and better manage the relationships that matter most to her business. 

Before SkuVault Core: Replacing failing solutions 

“We were using [another solution] and our inventory was chronically wrong,” explains Munson. She continues, “We weren’t sure if it was our people or if it was the system, but they had the worst customer service support I have ever seen. So there was no problem solving there at all.” 

Over time, this frustration grew, and Undersummers realized that their existing solution was no longer manageable. “I had open tickets for months that went unanswered and there was no way to get anybody to answer,” Munson describes. She expands, “so the last straw was that they were not prepared for a change that Amazon made… so the connection with Amazon was not working for two weeks.”

Avoiding oversells — and customer dissatisfaction 

Before SkuVault Core, Undersummers experienced issues of over- and underselling. Munson explains, “the obvious oversells or stuff sitting on the shelf, that could be sold, but [the old system] says it’s zero. It just didn’t make sense that [counts] were wrong so often. They were always wrong.” 

Oversells and human errors were costly for Undersummers, as any incorrect shipment meant costly replacements. Munson highlights, “we never want to lose the sale and we always want to make the customer as happy as possible. The majority of our sales are shortlettes, and to keep customers happy, we just offer them any shortlette. Doesn’t matter what the price is, any replacement just to make it easy because we don’t want to be going back and forth. If they don’t want a replacement, then we just refund them.”   

Recognizing the need for a fully-functional solution to manage their scaling ecommerce business, Undersummers chose SkuVault Core, which has helped them boost inventory accuracy significantly.  “Now we know the [inventory issue] was the system and not our people, because now our accounts are hardly ever wrong,” Munson confirms. 

“Now we know the [inventory issue] was the system and not our people, because now our accounts are hardly ever wrong.”

CarrieRae Munson

Preserving relationships thanks to superior inventory management 

“With SkuVault Core inventory is very accurate, and if the inventory is accurate, then it really solves a lot of problems on so many levels,” Munson comments. She continues, “It solves customer service issues, and it saves time because we’re not back and forth with customers. We’re not running around the warehouse looking for something.” 

“With SkuVault Core inventory is very accurate, and if the inventory is accurate, then it really solves a lot of problems on so many levels.”

CarrieRae Munson

For Undersummers, SkuVault Core also helps maintain vital relationships — such as those with marketplaces. Munson confirms this, stating “when it comes to the relationships I have with other marketplaces — with Amazon and also Dia & Co. and Kohl’s — I have to be perfect. There’s big consequences if I’m canceling orders frequently because my inventory is off. If I don’t have accurate inventory, they could drop me.” 

With SkuVault Core, Undersummers has the peace of mind that inventory — and therefore these relationships — are well-managed. 

Total support — every step of the way 

“Our whole onboarding with SkuVault Core was awesome, the team was great, super responsive. They helped me with everything I needed.” Munson comments. She continues, “ It’s scary to change inventory systems, and when you have hundreds of SKUs, it’s especially scary. So it is really reassuring to have a team that is responsive and answers questions and are there to help you. It’s a big deal. I have tears in my eyes actually, because it’s such a big deal to have that support.”

She stresses this further, explaining, “If you haven’t had your inventory completely messed up before, maybe it’s not as scary, but when you have, and you’ve had to spend all weekend and enlist your whole entire family and friends to count inventory, you realize how big of a deal it is.” 

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