How Nelson Wear harnesses SkuVault Core for streamlined ecommerce operations

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Nelson Wear is a leading apparel retailer who manufacture and sell tattoo cover up sleeves. Nelson Wear operates premium brands including Tat2X, Skin Guards and iM Sports, and is dedicated to American manufacturing and their products, which are all proudly Made in the USA.

Operating through multiple Shopify and Amazon Seller Central stores, as well as platforms like Walmart, Nelson Wear has made significant strides in the market. We caught up with Trip Alba, Operations Manager at Nelson Wear, to find out how SkuVault Core has impacted their business — and paved the way towards success for the apparel retailer. 

Life before SkuVault Core

Nelson Wear sells a range of products across multiple marketplaces, making inventory management challenging. According to Operations Manager, Trip Alba, “We sell the same sleeves in about 10 different ways. We have a bunch of Shopify stores and two Amazon Seller Central stores. And we were using a pretty rudimentary set-up to manage things.” 

Prior to implementing SkuVault, Nelson Ware faced several operational challenges that hampered their efficiency — and risked customer satisfaction. According to Alba, “we were just using Excel to keep track of inventory, which was a nightmare… In the summer, sometimes we’ll have 300 orders a day.” 

This reliance of manual inputs was time-consuming, and also increased the risk of human error. Alba elaborates, “Our biggest problem was incompatibility with everything else. We had to manually enter all the inventories. We only had 12 SKUs back then. Now we have more than 700. Back then it was still a pain — so today it would be completely unmanageable.” 

Misships were another key pain that Nelson Wear were facing. However, this is no longer an issue thanks to SkuVault Core, as Alba confirms, “it’s much harder to do it now. SkuVault Core helps prevent human error on our part.”

SkuVault Core’s transformative impact

SkuVault has revolutionized Nelson Wear’s operations across multiple facets. Alba explains, “SkuVault Core connects to everything. It’s the core of our inventory system. It’s what we use to pick every day.”

He continues, “In SkuVault Core, we keep track of all of our raw materials, our fabric, the gripper that goes into the sleeves, how much the manufacturer charges us per sleeve and all of our tertiary items. Everything is tracked in SkuVault Core. And SkuVault Core’s been fantastic to work with, quite honestly.” 

“SkuVault Core connects to everything. It’s the core of our inventory system. It’s what we use to pick every day.”

Here are some of the ways SkuVault Core has transformed Nelson Wear’s ecommerce operations: 

Enhancing picking accuracy

“The “item not in order” feature is really useful,” Alba comments. He continues, “When I pick the wrong item or when someone else picks the wrong item, it says “item not in order.” That’s nice because there’s been many times on a few occasions when I’ve picked that it’s been on me almost every single time.” 

This picking accuracy helps avoid misships and improves customer satisfaction, by helping avoid the pain of refunds and corrections. 

Bolstered internal efficiency — and profitability

The transition to SkuVault from manual processes has streamlined Nelson Wear’s inventory management, saving considerable time and reducing the need for constant inventory checks — and all in an easy to use solution. According to Alba, “I love everything about the system. Quite honestly, it’s very intuitive.”

He continues, “SkuVault Core improves our efficiency and, in the end, our bottom line. It improves profitability because it improves efficiency.” 

World-class customer support

“With SkuVault Core, I can pick up the phone and speak with a human being, which is quite rare. The customer support has been the best I’ve ever gotten from any company we work with,” explains Alba. He continues, “With SkuVault Core’s customer support, we can keep going. We don’t have to stop everything we’re doing because we’re waiting on an issue that we’re having.” 

“I love everything about the system. Quite honestly, it’s very intuitive.”

SkuVault’s responsive and knowledgeable customer support, particularly valued for its domestic base and human interaction, has provided Nelson Wear with reliable assistance, contributing to operational smoothness. Alba confirms this, commenting, “You guys really have outstanding customer support. It’s been awesome.” 

Nelson Wear and SkuVault: Clearing the path towards success

Nelson Wear’s journey with SkuVault Core underscores our platform’s pivotal role in transforming ecommerce operations through efficient inventory management and exceptional customer support. 

As Nelson Wear continues to scale, the insights gleaned from their experience with SkuVault Core demonstrate their continued commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

If you’d like to learn how SkuVault Core can revolutionize your ecommerce business, book a free demo today. 

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