How Force Fitness builds one-click workflows using Linnworks’ automation rules

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Founded in 2020, Force Fitness Ltd sells a range of weighted vests targeting fitness enthusiasts seeking to intensify their workouts. The brand offers a range of fitness products and complementary equipment suitable for all abilities and a variety of fitness activities. 

Force Fitness initially began selling online in the UK on Shopify before expanding to Amazon and adding an additional Shopify storefront for its growing European customer base. 

The problem: Manual effort to fulfill multichannel and international orders

Nick Hughes, ecommerce Manager at Force Fitness Ltd, says “before partnering with  Linnworks, it was a time-consuming process for us to manage orders across our selling channels. We struggled to see the status of all orders in one location and it was difficult to reconcile the available inventory to fulfill orders because our weighted vest comes in a range of sizes, colors and weights which dictates how much stock we have available to fulfill orders. What’s more, processing orders for Germany took longer to fulfill as we needed to complete three customs forms for each order.”

The solution: Automated workflows to streamline the pick, pack and despatch process

Managing all orders through Linnworks has made order management a faster process for Force Fitness. Inventory is locked as orders come through from each selling channel to avoid overselling, and using Linnworks Rules Engine, Force Fitness defaults UK orders to a next-day delivery service, as well as automatically splitting heavy packages into manageable parcels. 

“Working with the Linnworks team to optimize our use of the Rules Engine, we now have a one-click workflow from order routine to printing labels for pick, pack and dispatch,” adds Nick. “Before, if we had an influx of orders from Germany, it took much longer to fulfill as we needed three separate customs forms for each order but that process is now automatic in Linnworks and frees up our time to focus on growing the business.” 


Building on a strong 2021, Force Fitness will focus its efforts on growing the business through marketplace expansion, expanding product ranges to include more complementary fitness products and branded merchandise, and trialing new fulfillment methods including Fulfilled by Amazon, all of which will be possible within Linnworks.

“We’re confident that we’re making best use of the Linnworks platform to manage an influx of orders and continue to grow the business, and look forward to what the next year has in store” says Nick.

A chart that displays how the Linnworks Rules Engine Automation works.

Linnworks ecommerce automation

Linnworks provides automated workflows for every aspect of our customers’ ecommerce businesses, including: 

  • Workflow efficiencies managing all ecommerce sales through an integrated platform
  • Prioritize order management for priority channels such as Amazon Prime
  • Allocate orders for fulfilment based on predefined criteria  such as expiry date, warehouse location etc 
  • Automatically assign preferred shipping partner based on price, priority,  weight, dimensions and selling channel.

The Linnworks Rules Engine allows users to easily configure automation rules to adhere to existing business logic, and update that logic without coding knowledge. This keeps automation routines agile and easy to understand. 


Composition is a powerful Linnworks Inventory Management -feature which automates stock level calculations for bundled products.

A composite item in Linnworks represents a set of several individual items that are sold together in a combined package. It can be a set of different items or a grouping of the same SKU, for example, a multipack. This gives retailers the option to list individual units as well as bundled products without the need to ringfence stock, as well as more options for shoppers who may choose to buy in different quantities and combinations. 

By keeping an accurate record of the available inventory in Linnworks, sellers avoid overselling and disappointing customers, or underselling and missing out on valuable revenue opportunities.