How Flag Nor Fail handles more orders than ever before with SkuVault Core

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Flag Nor Fail is a US-based apparel retailer who offer high-quality activewear, lifestyle essentials, and durable equipment. Founded in 2010, Flag Nor Fail was born from a garage and their brand symbolizes the journey of overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s dreams. Driven by hard work and a strong community spirit, they encourage others to live boldly through a unique range of products. 

We caught up with Lamar and Gerald from Flag Nor Fail to find out how SkuVault Core has helped shape this adventurous Sports & Outdoor brand’s ecommerce journey. 

Inaccurate inventory that simply couldn’t be fixed 

“One of the major hurdles that we couldn’t overcome with our previous solution was inventory management. Not only not tracking properly, but it also kept grabbing control off and on with our Shopify account.” Gerald explains. He continues, “So it was having incorrect amounts, and we couldn’t get it to fix itself. Then, it was taking those incorrect amounts and communicating that data to Shopify.” 

“Long story short, we kept overselling with every large sale or release that we would do, and it was costing us time and money to fix those issues — and it was costing us customer satisfaction.” Gerald confirms. 

Larry explains, “We carry about 5,000 SKUs — somewhere around that. And our previous system, we had about 500 orders sitting off to the side at one time that were missing items that we’re supposed to have in stock. So, right there, we have 500 customers just put off to the side until we could get them sorted.”  

The need for change was abundantly clear — and Flag Nor Fail decided to implement SkuVault Core to take control of their inventory once and for all. 

Waving goodbye to inventory inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction 

“I have a filing cabinet full of manual counts and everything like that from our old solution,” Gerald recalls. He continues, “With SkuVault Core, I just go in and I can check who was doing what, and I just know that the amazing efficiency of even entering the data was staggering.” 

“With SkuVault Core, I just go in and I can check who was doing what, and I just know that the amazing efficiency of even entering the data was staggering.”

SkuVault Core has also revolutionized the way Flag Nor Fail adds inventory. Gerald describes this, “Going out there and entering when new products would come in, and just being able to scan them directly into SkuVault Core and knowing that it was going to take all the information correctly and talk to Shopify with that new information — it’s been phenomenal.” 

Implementing SkuVault Core: A breeze

When it comes to implementation, Flag Nor Fail has a lot of inventory to carry across — but with SkuVault Core, the process was smooth. Gerald explains, “The onboarding process with SkuVault Core was awesome. I know there was a lot to go through, but as far as getting all the SKUs transferred over from our old solution — as well as all the locations — I believe it went pretty smoothly.” 

Lamar expands further, “When we come into work in the morning, and you get to see the flow — it actually flows. It’s not like hitting the corner and then bouncing off and going this way and hitting the corner, it just actually has a nice flow.” He continues, “And we can just step back and just be like, “Oh, this is how it’s supposed to be”. I love the fact that I can trust what I’m looking at in my sales. And I can log in from home and look at what my sales are doing through SkuVault Core. I can assign picks remotely if I need to.” 

Accuracy, efficiency — and greater volume than ever before

“When it comes to accuracy, it’s been night and day with SkuVault Core. We’re probably 90 percent done with cycle counting, we haven’t had any oversells, and we haven’t had anybody come up to us that’s picking saying they can’t find a product,” Gerald beams. He continues, “It’s amazing — it’s very refreshing to be able to come to work and know that everything is correct.” 

Processes are vastly improved thanks to SkuVault Core. Lamar explains, “When we receive stuff, now I can just scan it and SkuVault Core adds a SKU and creates it for me. And then once they get built in Shopify, I just have to put that SKU and barcode in and it syncs over all the information from Shopify. So then we have everything in SkuVault Core for the pickers, and all the numbers are correct.” 

Flag Nor Fail handles more order volume than ever beefore thanks to SkuVault Core — thanks at least in part to picking accuracy. Gerald explains, “Picking efficiency has also increased, because we know everything is right in [SkuVault Core]. Everything’s where it says it is.” He continues, “Since [our pickers] have gotten used to SkuVault Core and picking in that software. We’ve had some orders for some days that were 500 plus and they were able to get all that picked and shipped in one day.” 

SkuVault Core: A game-changer

“SkuVault Core has been a game-changer for us. It’s like night and day compared to our previous system.” Gerald confirms. He continues, “Now, when we walk into our warehouse, everything flows as it should. We no longer face daily fires related to inventory inaccuracies, which has significantly lowered stress and increased productivity.”

Lamar summarizes the impact, stating, “The ability to trust our WMS has just made a huge difference across the board.” 

“SkuVault Core has been a game-changer for us. It’s like night and day compared to our previous system.”

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