6 simple ways to streamline order processing

In this digital age, online shopping satisfies consumers’ desires for quick, convenient buying options. And it isn’t going away anytime soon—by 2026, global retail ecommerce sales are forecast to reach 8.1 trillion US dollars

While running an ecommerce business opens the door to big opportunities, it also comes with challenges. One major difficulty? Processing orders efficiently as volume increases every month, every week, or even every day. In this article, we’ll delve into six ways to simplify your order processing to maximize operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Centralized order management

Order management can feel a lot like juggling—and the last thing you want is for your operations to come crashing down around you. Unfortunately, the more orders you receive, the harder it becomes to stay on top of things. 

An order management system (OMS) brings all your order data into one place, eliminating the need for you to track information by hand. With a unified view of all orders, it’s easier to spot discrepancies and errors. As a result, you’ll make more informed decisions and avoid potentially costly mistakes. 

There’s a good reason that 79% of businesses use an OMS. Relying on technology streamlines processes and lets you maintain control as your order volume grows.

Automated shipping solutions

While an OMS gives you full visibility into orders, it can’t help when it comes to sending packages out to customers. That’s where an automated shipping solution comes in! Shipping software increases efficiency, order accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

These platforms integrate with multiple carriers, allowing you to bypass the time and effort it normally takes to partner with carriers individually. They also suggest optimized shipping methods, taking into account an order’s destination, weight, and delivery speed. In a matter of minutes, you can compare rates between carriers and choose the best ones, then print your own shipping and returns labels. 

For an all-in-one shipping solution, we recommend EasyPost’s shipping API—learn more here

Seamless system integrations

If your business’s systems aren’t connected, they’re not living up to their full potential. Integrations bring each system’s data together, offering a coherent picture of your business. By integrating systems like inventory management, CRM, and order processing, you’ll minimize data silos and speed up your operations. 

Reducing manual tasks

Manual order processing is like using a typewriter in a world of laptops; it’s just not efficient. By automating repetitive tasks, you’ll not only save time but also reduce the scope for human error. With tedious, non-value-adding tasks performed by technology, your staff will be free to focus on value-adding activities. 

Organizations that invest in technology have an edge over those that don’t. Forrester found that 35% of “digitally mature” brands expect 15% year over year growth, while only 9% of “digitally immature” brands expect the same. Investing in automation now prepares your company to scale faster in the future.

Improving order accuracy

There’s a unique sting to the realization that an order has gone wrong. Botched orders are broken promises, and it’s difficult to rebuild trust afterward. Here are three proactive ways to reduce mistakes: 

  • Double check for errors. Implement two-step verification at different stages of order processing to catch any errors before orders are shipped. Make sure to involve different staff members instead of relying on one person for quality control.
  • Train employees. You determine whether your employees are your weakest or strongest link. Limit human error by having experienced employees provide hands-on guidance to new staff members until they’re comfortable with the order processing system.
  • Verify addresses. When addresses are incomplete or inaccurate, 39% of deliveries fail, while another 41% are delayed. There’s a simple solution for this one: use software that verifies addresses to make sure they’re real and typo-free.

Enhancing the overall customer experience

Efficient order processing isn’t just an internal win; it’s a victory for the customer too. When you process orders quickly and correctly, people notice. Going above and beyond turns customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into brand advocates. 

Seventy-three percent of people say that customer experience is an important factor in their buying decisions. The following can make or break the online shopping experience. 

  • Real-time package tracking. Give customers the ability to track their orders in real time. If they have insight into their delivery’s progress, they’ll know what to expect and feel less anxious. Package tracking is highly valued by consumers, with 74% citing it as one of the most important shipping features.
  • Consistent communication. Keep customers informed throughout the order journey with proactive notifications, updates on order status, and personalized responses to questions or concerns. 
  • Speedy resolutions. When order-related issues arise, address them quickly. Acting fast can transform negative experiences into positive ones, while delays can cause frustration to fester.

Scale your ecommerce business with better order processing

Navigating the maze of ecommerce order processing might feel daunting. But with the right tools and strategies, you can ship every order quickly and accurately. And with a little extra effort, you’ll curate an order journey that leaves customers impressed. Now’s the time to get started! Explore the tech landscape, find those game-changing solutions, and take your order processing to the next level.

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