A collection of product updates from Q3 and a look ahead at Q4

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Say hello to our latest Linnworks product update, each quarter we share everything we’ve been building for our customers, followed by everything on our roadmap for the upcoming quarter. We do this to help you sell better — so you can meet customers where they are already shopping. 

Linnworks is committed to providing retailers with the tools to grow. Manage your multichannel listings, orders inventory, and fulfillment from a single platform, easily accessing insights across all of your sales channels and operations. 

Keep reading to see how Linnworks helps modern businesses connect with their customers.

Inventory Management

Automate and control your inventory

It’s essential to keep track of all stock levels across warehouse locations. In addition, you need to know how much stock is on hand at all times to avoid stockouts and overselling and most important, to deliver a positive customer experience. With Linnworks inventory management software, you can track inventory in one central platform. Here’s what’s new in Linnworks inventory management.

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Order Management

One central location to process orders

Manage growing volumes of orders across all sales channels seamlessly and efficiently. As your business grows and orders increase, you’ll want to have an automated system in place to keep up with orders from all sales channels. We are working to update this product feature to help you provide an effortless shopping experience to customers.

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Stock Forecasting

No more overstocking or stockouts.

Inventory forecasting requires more than placing an order with your supplier to replenish the amount of stock you have on hand. This process uses sophisticated behind-the-scenes data, relying on patterns and trends to ensure that your business has the right estimates. These stock estimates should provide your business with enough lead time so you always have enough stock available. You need to understand how demand fluctuates so you can prevent issues such as overstocking or stockouts.

Inventory Forecasting

New in Q3

Last quarter we launched our Stock Forecasting solution, allowing customers to accurately predict inventory levels to meet demand.

Stock forecasting calculates future demand based on historical data from orders, alongside factors such as seasonality and demand trends to provide customers with a simple, actionable tool that improves decision-making.

What’s coming next?:

Next up for Stock Forecasting is a new dashboard, where customers can monitor inventory and performance with ease. The new dashboard will enable you to visualize stock levels in one place and take a deep dive into SKU’s that require your attention. The new dashboard makes it easier than ever to stay in control of your inventory.

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Warehouse Management

Connect your ecommerce operations with warehouse management.

To provide a better customer experience, Linnworks can do order routing for you so orders are picked, packed and shipped from a warehouse that is closest to the customer. Check out our latest updates below.

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Use business data that matters to move your business forward.

Easily access the insights you need to help design your overall sales strategy. Check out how Linnworks is improving the Insights feature.

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Expand your ecommerce operations to grow your business and increase efficiency.

Customers want convenience — and convenience means selling your products where customers already spend their time. Linnworks has more than 100 integrations so you can sell on as many channels as needed to connect to your customers. Explore our new integrations — which can be added at no additional cost to your business — here.

Expand your ecommerce operations to grow your business and increase efficiency..

New in Q3:

Cogsy [Beta]
Cogsy is an operations platform that helps ecommerce sellers take smarter actions to be more agile and grow faster. By integrating with Cogsy, Linnworks customers can turn data into actionable insights, enabling better decisions around inventory forecasting, selling on backorder, growth planning and optimal purchase orders.

Gorgias [Beta]
With Gorgias and Linnworks, customers can now manage customer support in one place, automate answers to common questions and increase support agency efficiency.

Reach millions of potential buyers by listing your products on OnBuy with the Linnworks integration. OnBuy has 7,000,000+ buyers across 42 countries, with over 100 more countries to come in 2023.

What’s coming next?:

Alongside the full release of Cogsy and Gorgias, in the coming weeks we will begin beta testing Quickbooks, Loop Returns, Katana and Klaviyo – all of which are coming soon. 

If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for any of the above, please email marketing@linnworks.com

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Integrate with major carriers for powerful shipping and fulfillment. 

View our latest updates and what’s on the horizon below.

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Effortlessly manage bulk listings on global sales channels.

When you embrace a multichannel sales strategy, there are always challenges, such as updating listings and managing orders across different channels. Things can get complicated really fast without the right automation in place. That’s where Linnworks comes in. Check the new sales channels we integrate with below.

New channels and channel updates

New in Q3:

TikTok [Beta]
Reach new customers and expand your business by tapping into the social commerce opportunity with the new Linnworks and TikTok integration.

The Range [Beta]  
Expand your home & garden business and reach new customers with the Range and Linnworks channel integration.

Zalando [Beta]
Access 48 million active fashion and apparel consumers across 22 markets by selling on Zalando.

The UK’s leading Dropshipping SaaS platform.

Amazon Belgium
It’s now possible to integrate the Amazon Belgium marketplace for order and inventory management as well as list products on this sales channel directly through Linnworks.

BigCommerce Refunds
This new feature allows you to process refunds on BigCommerce through Linnworks. 

Next on our roadmap:

Amazon Direct Fulfilment
Amazon Direct Fulfilment is a supply chain strategy whereby the retailer (Amazon) transfers individual customer orders to the supplier to ship the goods directly to the end customer.

Amazon Vendor Central
Amazon Vendor is a supply chain strategy whereby manufacturers and distributors sell their products to Amazon in bulk. With this integration you can improve your business performance by effectively managing Amazon Vendor orders directly through Linnworks.