RETHINK Retail Podcast: Linnworks VP of Sales Alex Becker on what commerce will look like in 2025

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What will commerce look like in 2025?

Alex Becker, Vice President of Sales for Linnworks, sits down with RETHINK Retail and Ricardo Belmar, a RETHINK Retail top influencer and advisor and Senior Partner Marketing Advisor for Retail at Microsoft, to discuss the fastest growing areas in commerce that will influence how we all in shop in the next three years. The discussion is based on the RETHINK Retail recently released report, The Future of Commerce 2025. The report covers the top 10 fastest-growing areas in commerce.

Highlights from the podcast include:

  • How is direct to consumer evolving and how is it going to impact commerce in the next few years?
  • Why there is so much growth across marketplaces.
  • The ongoing challenges with global supply chain and solutions to those challenges.