Save time and reduce errors with picklist profiles & print tasks

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We’ve just released a new feature that we’re calling Scheduled Picklist Printouts. This feature will help save your team time, minimize errors and allow you to do multi-warehouse management.


This feature touches two pages:

  • The Generate New Picklist page
  • The Print Generated Picklist page


Picklist Profiles | Sales > Generate New Picklist

The idea here is that you can save the filter settings you use to create a Picklist as a Profile. So for example, you can save a Profile that’s configured to make a Picklist just for unprinted kit orders from Amazon.

The ability to save Filter Settings is something users have asked for in the past, so we’re eager to launch this new convenience for our clients.


But since not everyone wants to automate the whole process you can still create a Picklist Profile with your saved Settings. Then just click “Select” for that Profile and the Settings will be loaded up on the page, so you can filter your Sales and generate the Picklist.

But that’s more of a bonus improvement. The primary objective of this new feature is to add automation to the whole generate/print Picklist process, so this is where Print Tasks come in.

Print Task | Sales > Print Generated Picklist

Once you have at least one Profile saved, you can create a Print Task.

Like Profiles, when a Print Task is created, the Settings selected on the Page are saved. You’ll then choose a Profile that the Print Task will use for generating. To schedule the Print Task, you’ll select the days to run the Print Task, the time range for the Print Task to start and stop, and how often the Print Task should run within that time period.


So for example, you might have a Print Task set up to generate and print a Picklist every 2-hours on Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.


Why Do You Want This?

I think the most important things are:

  • Your warehouse workers can start their day sooner, saving time. Pickers can arrive at the warehouse with a Picklist poppin’ fresh off the printer. This saves time, so they can get started working right away.
  • Removes some potential for user error. If you’re manually filtering Sales for a Picklist forget to change a setting, you could end up generating a Picklist with the wrong sales. This new feature eliminates this risk as long as you save the correct Settings in your Profile and Print Task.
  • Multi-Warehouse Management. Since you can save a specific printer to any Print Task, you’ll be able to setup Print Tasks and Profiles that are tailored for specific distribution centers.