Linnworks co-hosts Beach Clean Up for Earth Day

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Four in five shoppers are more sustainability-minded than before the pandemic. In addition, according to research from PwC, 52% of consumers say they have become more eco-friendly in their shopping decisions. 

While these statistics are important for ecommerce businesses to know, and while ecommerce businesses are becoming more sustainably focused, what matters even more is when organizations and local communities take real action when it comes to the environment.  

For Earth Day 2022, Linnworks co-hosted  a Beach Clean Up  on Thursday, April 21 in collaboration with Tapcart, Sift, RefersionHawke Media, Nosto & Ecodrive. Representatives from the companies worked together with other ecommerce partners to help clean Santa Monica Beach. 

There was some friendly competition at the event to help make the clean up collaborative and fun. Attendees at the Beach Clean Up were divided into teams. A competition was held among the teams to see which team collected the most trash by weight.

“I’m so proud to work with great partners who support our environmental efforts. We all need to continue to spread the message to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle to help our planet ultimately help us. Humans are but one thread in the complex web of life and we all need to do our part (not just on Earth Day but every day) to save our only home.” –Sarah Toth, Head of Partner Marketing at TapCart and Event Organizer

Cleaning the beach wasn’t the only highlight of the event. Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of the Greater Los Angeles area safe, healthy and clean, spoke as the keynote speaker at the event. The educational talk from Heal the Bay covered the causes of ocean pollution and how it affects humans and wildlife.

The attendees at the Beach Clean Up eating and listening to the environmental speaker.

Attendees learned of how pollution reaches the ocean and what the community can do to help prevent the causes of ocean pollution. 

According to Heal the Bay, one of the ways pollution gets to the ocean is the runoff from hard surfaces like parking lots, streets and rooftops picks up things like plastic water bottles, food wrappers, and plastic grocery bags on its way to the storm drain system. Runoff from populated areas, carried by storm drain systems, is one of the major causes of ocean pollution. 

When it comes to preventing ocean pollution, communities can help. Simple everyday activities like making sure you put trash in the trash can and don’t litter, recycling and reusing everyday items like grocery bags and buying recycled products all helps decrease ocean pollution.

Attendees at the Beach Clean Up at Santa Monica Beach on April 21, 2022.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact they have on the environment and the future of the planet. They want brands to focus on sustainability. It’s important for businesses to take real action by implementing sustainable operations from supply chain through to selling and fulfillment.