Linnworks Mobile: Stock

A guide to the stock area of the Linnworks Mobile platform, including performing a stock count, and booking stock in.

Assigning Batches

A guide on assigning batches to orders with batched items and the various methods available in Linnworks.

Order Processing

A look at the final stage of the order lifecycle and how to processs orders using the various methods available.

Query Data

A walkthrough of the screen and some useful reports to familiarize yourself with.

Template designer

A look at the available templates for various documents, such as invoices, and how to set them up for use…

Shipping Packaging

A step by step guide on getting set up with packaging and how to automate this in Linnworks.

Shipping Service Allocation

An explanation of the 3 different ways to automate shipping allocation in Linnworks covering use of Channel Shipping Mapping, Rules…

Virtual Printer

A step by step guide on how to install the application and a look at the associated settings.