Stock Item Linking Import

A look at the reasons for linking stock items and how to do this via the import and manually in…

Inventory Sync

This tutorial will help you to understand the process of sending stock from Linnworks to your channels, including the set…

Extract Inventory

This tutorial will take you through how to use the extract inventory tool to create and update inventory items from…

Automation Logs

A guide on how to stay on top of processing errors and view logs.

Listings Editing

Step by step guidance on how to manage price changes plus the general revising, deleting and ending of listings.

Listing Creation

How to use the configurators created to create listings for items and variation items via Linnworks.

Listings Basics

A walkthrough of the basic set up required to start listing your items from Linnworks.

Email Notifications

A step by step guide on how to set up email notifications including automated and manual templates and reviewing sent…

Query Data

A walkthrough of the screen and some useful reports to familiarize yourself with.