Assigning Batches

A guide on assigning batches to orders with batched items and the various methods available in Linnworks.

Order Management

How to manage orders using the split and merge functionality.

Order Processing

A look at the final stage of the order lifecycle and how to processs orders using the various methods available.

Order Lifecycle

This video talks about the various stages an order will flow through in Linnworks and the various functions available to…

Organising Orders

A look at how to use folders, tags, identifiers and locations in Linnworks to help organise orders.

Template designer

A look at the available templates for various documents, such as invoices, and how to set them up for use…

Shipping Service Allocation

An explanation of the 3 different ways to automate shipping allocation in Linnworks covering use of Channel Shipping Mapping, Rules…

Shipping Manifests

This video will explain the process of filing manifests to your shipping vendors together with a step by step guide.