How to Rely on Your Team More With a WMS

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It’s normal to want to control every aspect of your warehouse operation as a business owner. It’s your baby and you want to make sure every part goes off without a hitch. Your employees are there to help, but ultimately you may think you know what’s best more than them.

If you fit this description, you probably don’t trust your team and feel like you have to do all the work.

Carrying the entire workload becomes impossible as you grow. It’s important for the health of your company to invest in a smart software solution that can make your employees more responsible, and create less stress in your job.

Here’s how you can rely on your team more with a WMS.

Hold Your Team Accountable

If you’re running one large or multiple warehouses, it can be difficult to monitor the activites of your employees without a WMS. Those packages didn’t just mysteriously disappear. Someone was behind it. Without a system in place to track movements, it’s still a lost package.

The user accountability feature in SkuVault WMS is designed to do exactly as it sounds: track the activity of logged in software users. It sounds creepy, but it will save your business time and money at the end of the day (and allow you to rely more on them as a result).

For example, if an employee tries to send an order off for shipment that doesn’t match the item listed on the purchase order, the user accountability feature will block the order from being shipped. If the order is shipped incorrectly anyway, higher ups can see which employee sent the item and rectify the situation however they choose.

Implement Quality Control

Quality control is your best ally as a business owner. It’s the safety net you need to sleep better at night.

And your warehouse employees will learn to love it too.

Quality control is designed to reduce returns and exchanges, and to minimize customer service costs overall. When you give employees the power to reduce mistakes like these, they will perform better and your business can grow.

Quality control empowers employees and gives them a sense of ownership in the success of the company. When you create this kind of environment, you can get back to handling bigger business decisions and trust in knowing your employees have your back. And maybe you’ll finally have time to try out that new exercise class everyone’s been talking about.

Utilize Customer Support

As a business owner it’s normal if you don’t understand the ins and outs of each software your company uses. In fact, you probably have someone whose job it is to choose and understand them entirely.

In order for your employees to use software correctly and efficiently, choose a company that provides easy to access and helpful customer support options. It will keep them informed to do their job correctly and give you more confidence to step away knowing they can access help articles at any time.

While a dedicated account representative at SkuVault is limited to certain people on an account, support forums and the ability to send in tickets is available to any user signed onto a SkuVault account. So for example, if an employee at a quality control station needs a question answered that you don’t have time to answer, they can log on and either search through the customer forums for a similar topic, send in a ticket, or call our support line.

Customer support documentation is vital to the success of your employee’s performance.