Golf Cart King Found Success With SkuVault’s Kit Feature

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Golf Cart King was launched for golf-cart owners who either desire a more personalized vehicle or like to maintain and improve their own golf carts. The company is focused on providing industry-leading customer service, while currently offering more than 10,000 premium golf-cart parts and accessories online at deeply discounted prices. 



Needed a better system to keep up with growth

Golf Cart King IT Specialist Ryan Rivera wanted to keep up with the company’s large growth since starting as an eCommerce company in 2011. They had tried multiple inventory systems and nothing worked to manage all of their issues. Golf Cart King is a kit-heavy retailer with over 40,000 kits in their system, and their inventory solutions were failing to work with kits. They found themselves relying on their staff to manually update all of their systems throughout the day. Their search took two years and they tried a few different systems, but kept running into issues until they found SkuVault.


Advanced Kit features

Golf Cart King chose SkuVault because of our strong integrations and kit features. We are able to assign multiple SKUs to kits so that their ordering and picking process is simple and they aren’t missing sales due to being out of specific SKUs. This eliminated the need for staff to manually update systems and saved them time. They also liked our cloud-based system because they can work from home, pull reports and keep staff in communication wherever they are.



“SkuVault is the first software to accurately update our eCommerce websites”




International expansion

Rivera says that “SkuVault is the first software to accurately update our eCommerce websites.” They have found great success within the first nine months of using SkuVault and have been able to increase their eBay tracking rate from 95% to 98% and their back orders have decreased by 90%. They are also quick to add that “support is always five stars. They are quick to answer and knowledgeable”. Golf Cart King says they are excited to use SkuVault going forward in their efforts to expand internationally this year.