Scaling your ecommerce business with marketing automation

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Did you know that, on average, according to Emailmonday, 51% of businesses use marketing automation to spearhead most of their marketing activities?

Marketing automation refers to the use of technology to manage marketing functions and processes in a company. Letting marketing automation handle all your workflows is similar to putting your marketing on autopilot for tasks like:

  • Email marketing and nurturing
  • Remarketing strategies 
  • Lead management and nurturing 
  • Lead engagement and conversion

The automation software enables companies to manage all their marketing dynamics automatically by targeting customers with automated messages across different platforms and channels. Marketing automation creates a personalized user experience. Being a Shopify store owner, you must wonder, how do I customize my Shopify store? Here lies the answer to your question: Automation. 

Companies have scaled their online presence through automation because, according to 74% of respondents, it saves time, 68% believed it increases customer engagement, and 80% experienced a lead boost. 

Correlation with ecommerce.

Ecommerce marketing automation is like you hire someone to manage your business while you take care of other functions. Abandoned cart purchase is a common problem most store owners come across. Marketing automation takes care of that by getting you more leads.  

Automation also makes the customer’s journey easy and achieves order fulfillment.

Using automation tools, the ecommerce industry can benefit in a dozen ways to accelerate its exponential growth and revenues. For example, a white label email marketing platform comes to life with automation tools. Similarly, automation also benefits the ecommerce industry. 

To err is human.

Yes, you heard that right; to err is human, so when we let automation take over, we reduce the error margin to almost insignificant. Implementing automation reduces any probable errors and mistakes along the way as you market your products and brand to the world.

For instance, advertising your brand by sending emails to users through marketers could cause a hitch as it is a tedious job. But when you let automation spearhead your marketing activities, you remove the error margin. Automation reduces human error by as much as 75%, according to ProcessMaker.

Improves without compromise. 

With minimal effort and time, you can move mountains with ecommerce marketing automation. Engaging a number of customers, converting them into leads, and earning revenues through increased order size with little human effort means you do not increase your workload. Your work quality will improve while your brain does not turn foggy with the extra workload. You can use that time to focus on other things. 


Take an example of a personalized email campaign. Automation will take care of crafting the email and sending it to a segmented demographic within a short span of time. On the other hand, if you take on that task manually, it is likely to take up most of your time which you can otherwise use to focus on other engaging projects. 

Automation comes with the great advantage of revision and improvement. It is easier to 

  • Improve on the existing quality of your campaigns
  • Rectify any mistakes in the system
  • Revise and proof-read again and again

With manual working, this is not such an easy task to go through different steps again to rectify and revise. Automation gives you that space to improve on your existing mistakes and process.

Room for experimentation.

It takes a lot of human effort, cost, energy, and time to plan, make, and then execute a marketing campaign. It leaves you no room for experimentation after you invest so much emotionally and monetarily. Business expansion and market growth require experiments and freedom to play around with different options.

Automation enables you to experiment with your given options. A/B test and split testing your projects will provide you with room to experiment with your options. Execute different ideas and see them performing in real-time how the audience reacts to your campaigns. You can easily take it off the grid if anything does not work for you. Test, test, and test your abilities and capabilities to perfect the results. 

The wonders of automation.

The article discusses how ecommerce landscape can benefit from marketing automation. It covers growth strategies for store owners and how they can scale their business by implementing the right tool. Let’s delve into some of the ways one can expand their online presence, visibility, and engagement.  

Abandoned cart automation.

Abandoned cart practice is an old concept, but marketers and store owners still struggle to fix it. There are multiple reasons for it. Some keep surfing, others find cheaper options, while most get distracted. Abandoned carts mean a loss of revenue. 

Abandoned cart automation helps you reach out to shoppers who leave their purchases midway and bring them back. Through automation, emails convert them from first-time shoppers into regular customers. You can incentivize them through automated offers and deals to recover your lost customers and revenue.

Marketing automation lets you set up abandoned cart emails that generate leads and triggers the conversion process. These automated emails or messages are sent on different channels like web notifications, emails, or SMS. Marketing automation converts a large number of would-be and could-be customers.  

Win-back lost customer.

Rekindle the love you once had with your customers by sending them automated emails and alerts of new offers and discounts. Win-back email campaign consists of series of automated, personalized, and targeted emails. You send it to customers who have a low engagement rate. The goal is to get those customers back and tempt them to make more purchases again.  

Win-back campaigns are also retargeting and re-engagement campaigns. They aim to increase engagement, boost conversion, and trigger the buying process. Win back emails result in increased order size. 

Attracting an existing customer to make a purchase again is easier than tempting new ones. Marketing automation helps you in building your lost connection through a series of scheduled emails.

Automated customer journeys.

Automated customer journey refers to optimizing and personalizing every touchpoint of customer interaction with the brand in terms of messaging and engagement. Automation helps you improve the user experience at each step of the journey based on their interaction with your brand or store. You give them personalized content. You send automated welcome and thank you emails as they enter and exit your online store. 

Through chatbots, you answer customer queries and offer non-stop customer support. Based on customer behavior emails sequence is generated to ignite the purchase intent and help them make an informed decision. 

Incentivized programs and offers.

Marketing automation opens a world of opportunities for ecommerce stores to focus on their customers and getting to know them. The more you know them, you can better tell which ones engage and profit your business the most. By doing so, you can reward them as a thank you for their loyalty. 

Automations help you segment your customers based on their purchasing habits. Rewards them by building loyalty programs and discount offers. It could be

  • Buy one, get one offer
  • Free vouchers
  • Membership programs 
  • Gift cards etc.

This incentivized automation boosts engagement, conversion, and leads for the business in return. Create automation at the following different levels and send your offers.

  • A discount email, when they subscribe to list
  • Thank you note, when they make purchases
  • Reminder or alert when they have not returned after some time 

Also, automation helps you send messages on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or thanksgiving. 

Automated customer feedback.

Automations help you collect and analyze customer feedback with utmost accuracy. The chances of error in automated customer feedback are less as compared to conventional feedback methods. It saves you cost and time. Transparency and accountability are higher for automated systems. Not only does automation help you with problem resolution but with customers developing more trust in your operations. 

Marketing automation saves you from the hassle of manually reaching out to every segment, which is a daunting and time-consuming task. Automation takes care of personalized feedback loops and sending it those to the segmented email lists. 

In-depth analytics.

One of the best ways to stay on top of your marketing game is an in-depth analysis of your operations and campaigns. You cannot improve when you are unaware of your performance. Performance evaluation is necessary for marketing as it tells you your current standing in the market and your probability of success.

Marketing automation provides you with valuable insights and analytics to see for yourself how you are performing. You can see your improvement areas. A detailed analysis of clicks, open rates, leads, impressions, sent, and opened emails. Your enterprise can benefit big time without human intervention by automating analytics. Automation takes care of running various tests, configurations, statistical tests, and algorithms that otherwise would be very daunting to perform. 

Marketing automation will be the most significant breakthrough in your business scenario once implemented. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the biggest revenue generator for your company. More leads and conversion translate into more revenue, and thus your brand will experience tremendous growth in the digital ecosystem. 

Start by implementing automation on one campaign and measure its efficacy. Pick the right automation tool for your business and create wonders in the ecommerce marketplace. Leave behind your competitors and stand tall with beaming leads, sales, and ROI. So amp up your game today with marketing automation.