How An eBay Bulk Listing Tool Helps Grow Your Online Business

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Spending hours listing items on eBay? You’re not alone. Listing at scale through manual methods eats away at a huge chunk of your time each day. Time that is better spent focusing on growth strategies for your online business.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

By utilizing an eBay bulk listing tool, you can create, manage and publish thousands of listings at once to the leading online marketplace, as well as all your other selling channels.

Below, you’ll find out the key advantages to using a bulk listing tool when selling on eBay, along with a full breakdown of how exactly this listing management software feature works.

1. Save your business valuable hours of time.

Time is your greatest asset as an online seller, so it’s certainly in your interest to ensure that you are investing it as best as you can. After all, maximizing your efficiency while minimizing costs holds the key for a successful business.

The reality is, however, when you manually list products, you can easily spend upwards of 10-15 minutes creating each listing. Very quickly, this adds up to hours and hours of your time. And that’s without taking listing optimisation into account.

But, with an advanced bulk listing tool at your side, you can list hundreds (or thousands) of your eBay items at the same time and in a matter of minutes.

In fact, saving countless hours is perhaps the most popular reason why online sellers serious about growing their businesses choose to invest in a bulk listing tool.

2. Revise your listings in minutes.

The process of manually creating listings is one thing, but the need to manually edit your existing eBay listings can easily cost you double the amount of time.

Think about it.

If you have hundreds of product listings and simply need to make a small change to your generic product information, you will need to update every single listing on eBay individually. Again, this can result in a colossal waste of time.

For example:

Let’s say you have 1,000 existing listings on eBay. Today, you decide that your returns policy, payment options or shipping information is due for an update.

With no automated tool at your disposal, you or a member of your team will have to spend days – if not longer – manually revising every single one of your eBay listings.

In contrast, a bulk listing tool should not only enable you to create listings in bulk, but also make changes quickly and easily at the click of a button.

3. Put a stop to common mistakes and human error.

It is likely to come as no surprise that the more products you list through manual means, the greater the risk of human error there is.

The fact is, listing mistakes can cause all sorts of problems. From unhappy customers to incorrect pricing, such errors can have a very negative impact on your bottom line.

A bulk listing tool helps to prevent these mistakes by giving you the opportunity to view your listings in full before pushing them live. That way, you can be confident that elements such as your prices, stock levels or product variants are completely accurate.

Adding another layer to this, your chosen listing management software should be able to alert you to any listings that do not comply with eBay’s requirements before going live – in turn reducing the risk of account suspension and major disruption to your online business.

4. Make your job (and life) easier.

On top of saving countless hours of time, the ability to list your products in bulk helps to maximize your productivity and makes your working day a whole lot easier.

What’s more, with advanced listing management software, you’ll only need to learn one way of listing and that’s it. You can then expand from your eBay sites out across multiple other sales channels without worrying about learning new processes.

So, how does an eBay bulk listing tool work?

While we can’t speak for every software company, when it comes to bulk listing on eBay through Linnworks there are three key steps involved in the process:

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Take your stock item.

Using Linnworks’ data import tool, you can quickly and easily collate the enormous amount of data that you need for each of your stock items into your system, cutting out repetition in the listing process in multiple ways.

Add meaningful data.

The next step with Linnworks’ bulk listing tool is to add meaningful data. This is achieved by creating channel-specific configurators.

A configurator is a Linnworks term for a way to store generic information that similar listings share across a specific channel, such as a returns policy, payment options and shipping methods. Instead of repeatedly entering this data for each listing, a configurator enables you to apply this information to each listing within seconds.

Linnworks provides configurators for Amazon, BigCommerce, Bluepark, eBay, Magento, Shopify and Walmart. You can create your own configurators by utilizing the system’s open API architecture or outsource this to a third-party developer.

Preview and send listing to relevant selling channel

To send multiple listings in bulk to your selling channels, all you need to do is select all the relevant products in your inventory, select the correct selling channel and apply the relevant configurator. This creates a listing template you can preview before activating the listings.

Save time, speed up your processes and scale quickly.

Ultimately, an eBay bulk listing tool will help eliminate manual data entry for good, speeding up your processes by enabling you to create new listings in seconds.

On top of this, with the ability to set and revise channel-specific prices, titles and product descriptions at the click of a button as well as update generic product information, you’ll benefit from greater clarity and control of your business as a whole.